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Even with so much evidence to the contrary, some media commentators cling to the squeaky shibboleth that the “wisdom of the American people” is expressed in every election. Wisdom is not the word that comes to mind when you consider what makes the citizens of this country vote the way they do. At best, an election is a collective knee-jerk reaction that stems as much from deep-rooted prejudice and misinformation as it does from rationality and serious research.

We may be sentient beings, but we are not geniuses in politics.

A little over a year ago, Americans made a choice for President between a calm, knowledgeable, and seasoned professional politician and an amoral, ignorant and narcissistic con artist. Almost half of voters opted for the con artist. Back then, there was minimal reassurance that a slim majority of Americans voted the other way, but now, if the polls are correct, many of those people seem unhappy with their choice. . Do they want the crook back?

In one year, Joe Biden has managed to help millions of Americans get through the shutdown of the COVID-19 economy by providing billions of dollars in direct aid to individuals and businesses. He enacted a huge infrastructure bill that will fix highways, bridges, power grids, transport links and other vital foundations of our economy, which former presidents – the con man in particular – did have not. Biden also ended the never-ending war in Afghanistan and restored coherence to American foreign policy. And, in the federal bureaucracy, he replaced crime with jurisdiction.

Nonetheless, the president’s poll numbers are crumbling.

Left-wing voters complain Biden hasn’t done enough, as if it wasn’t a political miracle that he accomplished so much in less than a year, given the slim Democratic majority in the US Senate . Right-wing voters see Biden through the distorted lenses provided by Fox News, Alex Jones and QAnon, and await the imminent restoration of Donald Trump’s regime, whether through the Pillow Guy or the ghost of John F. Kennedy Jr.

Perhaps most disheartening of all, middle and suburban voters seem to be moving away from Biden. Ask them why, and they can’t really tell you. If their comments to the media are any real indication, they have no idea what Biden has done for them. They know more about who is dating Kim Kardashian or where to find the best Black Friday deals.

Yes, voters understand that from time to time, but it is not wisdom. It’s stupid luck.

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