Amazing Fantasy Preview # 5: Fantasy Ends


Welcome dear readers to Friday Night Previews, North Korea’s favorite weekly comic preview column. In the Friday Night Previews, we take all of the Marvel and DC Previews coming out next week, lovingly build stories out of them using cutting edge computer algorithms, and then add our secret ingredient: Titles. clickbait and keyword rich in SEO. text. The result: Perfection, if by perfection you understand that means a lower article quota for your buddy Jude Terror and a preview of next week’s comics for you. We win. You win. We only care about winning, but the other one is a good bonus for you. You’re welcome. Amazing Fantasy # 5 ends Wednesday with Amazing Fantasy # 5. And with the miniseries coming to an end, and most of these characters know they’ll probably never see the day again, it’s time to go. There’s a lot to do in this preview, that’s what we’re saying. Find out below.

Amazing fantasy # 5
(F) Kaare Andrews (A / CA) Kaare Andrews
What if your life comes down to one amazing time, a fantastic choice to undo the thing you regret most? How much would it cost to save the person you love? What would you be prepared to pay? Find out in the latest issue of AMAZING FANTASY! With WWII Cap, teen Spidey and the Black Widow spy school get one last chance to save it all!
In Stores: 12/08/2021
List price: $ 4.99

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