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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 2, now digitally available.

Batman: Along Halloween Part 2 ends the bloody journey of the Holiday Killer, who engaged in a series of murders over a year in order to start a mob war. However, there were many twists and turns as the Assassin sought to take out the criminal elements in Gotham City. This led to a lot of changes to the source material, so let’s dissect what was changed.

The relationship between Bruce Wayne and Poison Ivy

In the comics, Poison Ivy brainwashed Bruce to use his job at Gotham Bank to inject $ 350 million into Carmine Falcone’s operations. But in the movie, she simply asks Bruce to transfer his own assets. The comics also asked Selina Kyle to spot them in a limo only to find something was wrong, which Batman: Along Halloween Part 2 omits. Finally, when Selina brings Bruce out of the mansion hold, Ivy escapes but the movie knocks Ivy out and takes her to jail.

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Bruce and Harvey target each other

Batman and Harvey Dent, Coin - Along Halloween

Harvey Dent and Jim Gordon became suspicious of Bruce in the comics and attempted to raid the mansion to get him to fund Carmine. It even led Alfred to take a stand to rebuke the justice system. This is all cleaned up for the movie and Harvey just mentions that Bruce is shady for helping Carmine. Interestingly, in the comics, Bruce also targeted Harvey as the Vacation Killer, but Batman: Along Halloween Part 2 has the bat living in denial.

The presence of the Riddler

The comics had Riddler used by Carmine to gather information on who the killer might be, with the Dark Knight later seeking Edward Nygma for help as well. The killer also tricked Riddler into faking an April Fool’s Day shootout to scare him off. Riddler is omitted from the film, however, due to an already loaded cast.

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Alfred’s diminished role

In the comics, Alfred played a big part in helping the bat guess the killer’s identity, but Batman: Along Halloween Part 2 reduces it to a limited screen time. While the books had Alfred pushing Harvey and Gordon off on several occasions, his big on-screen role is simply to be brainwashed by Ivy, which is why Bruce continued to sign Carmine stuff.

The scarecrow gassing Batman

The Scarecrow escaped Arkham and gassed Batman in the books, which ended with the cops arresting Bruce, who fled Crime Alley and ended up at his mother’s grave . The film did detonate Batman in the alley, however, with Selina finding him unmasked and him thinking she is Martha. Catwoman takes him home for Alfred to heal him, adding more romance to their bond.

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Catwoman and Batman Nightly Encounters

The comics had Catwoman saving Batman from Carmine, who pulled a gun at Alberto’s grave. It is not in Batman: Along Halloween Part 2, which incorporates this idea into the skyscraper scene. The comics have just seen the bat fend off a menacing Carmine so that his daughter Sofia can find him, but the film brings Catwoman in here, which leads to the leaking of secrets.

Catwoman’s Big Secrets

Catwoman’s secret is that she thinks Carmine is her father. She unmasks herself on a roof and tells Bruce in Batman: Along Halloween Part 2, which is linked to later stories by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Carmine even drops his mother’s potential name, “Louisa”, when he is killed at the end, bringing his story to an end. This is not all in the books, as Selina just wanted to help Batman while keeping his identity a secret.

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The fragmentary past of Sal Maroni

The comics had Harvey’s assistant Vernon leaking information to Sal, even getting him acid to throw at Harvey in court. Vernon was later killed by Harvey, while Sal rekindled a romance with Sofia, kissing her behind bars. The film alters all of that, with Vernon being totally cut off. Meanwhile, Sal and Sofia are dating, with Princess Falcone even being nearby when Sal’s father Lou is killed by Holiday.

Sofia’s tragic life

In the source material, Sofia went to kill on her own to find out who wanted her father dead. She even had a nuanced relationship with her aunt, Carla, only to fall to her death when Harvey killed Carmine. Catwoman jumped on her to prevent her from shooting Harvey (who was Double-Face at the time), but they tripped and Catwoman had to drop her to save herself. Batman: Along Halloween Part 2 cuts that depth and Sofia tries to shoot Harvey with her gun. Ironically, Two-Face charged him with two bullets, which are in Carmine. When Sofia stumbles from the balcony here, she lets Selina’s hand go as she is tired of life.

Two-sided coin

The comics had Harvey getting the piece from his mad father and using it to decide how to make key decisions to deliver justice. Part 1, however, Batman gave the coin to Harvey when they burned the Roman’s money, and it is now revealed that Carmine actually gave the coin to young Bruce when Thomas Wayne illegally bullet-mended it. Carmine told Bruce that this piece was about shaping his destiny and that’s why Bruce gave it to Harvey, not realizing it would help spark Two-Face decades later.

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Holiday killers

The source material had Gilda Dent, Harvey’s wife, as the one who started the murders to create mob war. The gangs clearing up each other gave him and Harvey time to start a family, but Harvey then became a killer too, with Vernon and Carmine being his victims. Batman didn’t catch Gilda in the books, but he did catch Harvey and a third: Alberto.

Carmine’s son faked his death after Harvey shot him, then killed the coroner and Aunt Carla to keep it a secret. He ended up being caught murdering Sal in the Arkham tunnels, while the film had Gilda killing Sal in the streets. As for Alberto’s fate, the film doesn’t have it as a vacation – he stays dead. Instead, there are two killers: Harvey murders Carmine and is arrested according to lore, and Gilda is discovered by the bat. The Caped Crusader warns her not to murder again, sympathizing with how she was forced to abort Alberto’s baby after Oxford and to call off their marriage. She then married Harvey to launch her revenge plan in a major change in lore.

Other key changes

In the comics, Gordon and his wife, Barb, strove to help Gilda overcome her depression, even using their child to light up Gilda’s world. It is omitted from Batman: Along Halloween Part 2, where Gilda is hiding. Carla was also killed by Holiday in an elevator on Carmine’s birthday onscreen, and not in the coroner’s office according to the books because there is no Alberto. The film also adds Scarecrow and Mad Hatter bombing downtown Gotham to cause chaos for Two-Face. Last but not least, as the book ended with Gilda burning her evidence, the film has Bruce and Selina in a happy Halloween ending as a couple, learning from Harvey and Gilda’s sad story.

Batman: Along Halloween Part 2 is now available digitally and will be released on Blu-ray on August 10.

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