All Star Batman and other Batman comics that were canceled too soon

Batman is a quintessential DC character with many iconic characters to his name. Besides Detective Comics and its titular comic book series, Batman has also found his way into ensemble-focused comics centered around the “Bat Family” and the Justice League.

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Much to the dismay of Dark Knight fans, some Batman comics have met a short-lived fate. Cancellations are mainly due to poor sales or marketing changes from DC. Even though these stories remain incomplete, they still make essential collectibles for Batman aficionados.


Batman Family (1975-1978)

Batman Family cover with Batman, Robin and Batgirl watching a white bat lifting up a man

As the title suggests, Batman family dealt with the superhero’s allies and family members, many of whom were themselves masked vigilantes themselves. In this way, the comic served as an interesting anthology with stories of Robin, Batwoman, Ace the Bat-Hound, and other important members of the Bat family.

At the end of 1978, the “DC Implosion” occurred. This phase is known because the publishing house has started to cancel several projects including Police comics. Although Police comics introduced Batman, sales were sluggish in the late 1970s. It was then that DC decided to incorporate the relatively successful Batman family under the label of Police comics. So during Batman family finished with the 20th issue, his stories continued to be published from Police comics # 481 to go.

Batman: The Widening Whirlpool (2009-2010)

Batman watches in Batman The Widening Gyre.

Written by Kevin Smith and illustrated by Walt Flanagan, Batman: The Widening Whirlpool carried a lot of potential. The main theme of the script was confidence. As an ex-flame comes back into his life and meets a new vigilante, Batman questions his confidence in either case. Given his tumultuous past, it is difficult for him to trust anyone.

But Batman’s moral dilemmas ended with issue six itself as Smith and Flanagan got involved in their reality show. Cartoon men. What was supposed to be a break from the 12-issue miniseries turned into a long detour and The widening whirlpool ended on a cliffhanger. Smith is no stranger to self-imposed cancellations as he is also the author of the 2000s. daredevil comic question Target, which ended after just one number.

Batman Beyond Vol. 6 (2016-2020)

Popularized by the animated show of the same name, Batman beyond was published in six large volumes. The final and most recent edition continued to tell the story of Bruce Wayne’s successor, Terry McGinnis, and his neo-futuristic adventures.

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With Dan Jurgen as screenwriter of the series, Batman Beyond Vol. 6 has drawn his final curtain in 2020, with Batman being wrongly accused of crimes he did not commit. Wonder Woman also appeared in the final storyline to apprehend McGinnis and uncover the truth. Although the long series of 50 issues was more promising, Radar games reported that the cancellation may have stemmed from DC’s “plan to cut 20-25% of its line.”

All-Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder (2005-2008)

The return of the dark knight continues to be one of Frank Miller’s most influential graphic novels. There was a lot of hype when Miller teamed up with artist Jim Lee for a story set in the same universe. With the release of the first issue in 2005, All-Star Batman & Robin was supposed to recount Dick Grayson’s initiation into the Bat-Family as Robin.

But an irregular release schedule ultimately led to the series being canceled in 2008. The ten-issue series has also been criticized by critics and the public, citing it as one of Miller’s weaker works. Additionally, Jim Lee has taken full responsibility for release delays due to his work on the DC Universe Online game.

Batman and the Aliens (2018-2020)

Batman and the Outsiders gather in battle positions

Since the Batman comic book issues of the 1980s, the Outsiders have emerged as a team of misfits. Heroes like Black Lightning and Katana accompany Batman in the fight against crime, coming together as heroes who don’t fit Justice League conventions. A restarted volume of Batman and the aliens under the Rebirth The imprint began in 2018 and has been highly regarded for its fresh take on superhero tropes teamed up with the art of Dexter Soy.

However, after 17 issues, the series came to an abrupt end in 2020. Canceled along with several other series like Bat girl and Batman beyond, DC did not indicate any specific reason behind the move.

Anarchy (1999)

Joker kissing Anarky in a comic panel

Batman: Anarky drew immense success for its politically charged undertones as Batman took on Anarky, an evil philosopher who plans to reshape society. However, Anarky’s second solo run in the comic book series of the same name had disastrous results.

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An unwanted connection as Joker’s son turned out to be a nasty move with even Anarchy creator Alan Grant nodding in agreement. The controversial choice marked the end of the series after just eight issues.

The Joker (1975-1976)

The Joker surrounded by cards on the cover of Joker 5

The Joker starred in his own comic book series in the 1970s, which was a major achievement for one of Batman’s comic book villains. The comic only lasted nine issues, however, ending with a cliffhanger that was ultimately resolved with the unreleased tenth issue released in 2019.

Due to the comic’s guidelines of the time, The Joker mitigated the violence and madness of its titular character. Still, this new Joker avatar could have been reinterpreted in different ways if the series continued. After all, even Batman wasn’t so brooding and gloomy in his old troubles. Therefore, the most sanitized Joker should have had another chance.

Batman / Superman Vol. 2 (2019-2021)

Superman lifting a car while Batman looks aside on the cover of Batman Superman Vol 2 16

Batman and Superman have teamed up on several occasions. So it makes sense that the duo have their own exclusive series. With Superman / Batman boasting a remarkable series of 87 issues, a similar comic called Batman / Superman was released as part of New 52. The comic book’s second volume seemed to take a post-52 timeline, but its tenure was cut short in 2021.

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Even though famous cartoonist Gene Luen Yang’s journey as an illustrator has generated positive reactions, DC has decided to cancel the series with just 22 issues. It’s a shame the series was canceled so soon because Yang’s unique style added a more playful charm to DC’s timeless duo.

All Star Batman (2016-2017)

Batman holding a batarang on the cover of All Star Batman

Scott Snyder’s run on Detective Comics had received critical acclaim. It was therefore not surprising to find All Star Batman receive similar reviews, associated with the art of comic book maestros John Romita Jr. and Jock and Rafael Albuquerque.

The comic officially ended with All Star Batman # 14 in 2017. As Snyder said RBC, DC asked him to continue his storylines in a different prestige format instead of the usual monthly format of the series. This revamped the series with an irregular release schedule.

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