Actors who should play Zatanna in the DCEU

Since its introduction in November 1964 in Hawkman #4, Zatanna became one of the most iconic characters in the DC superhero pantheon. She was a member of the Justice League, led their supernatural spin-off team Justice League Dark, and was a member of Seven Soldiers and Sentinels of Magic. Daughter of Golden Age superhero Giovanni Zatara, Zatanna is a stage magician and witch who casts spells in the form of backwards talking.

In many ways, Zatanna is the face of the supernatural side of the DC Comics Universe (the way strange doctor is from the MCU) and has been adapted into several television properties, including Batman: The Animated Series, Smallvilleand young justice. It only makes sense that such an iconic character would eventually get his own feature film, and the time finally seems to be right.


While plans to make a Zatanna movie date back to 2005 with The Ice Princess screenwriter Hadley Davis offering a comedic teen take on the character, the character nearly made his film debut when Warner Bros. announced for the first time a Justice League Dark film with Guillermo del Toro ready to direct. These plans were abandoned and the Justice League Dark The franchise has been reworked into a multimedia property across film and television, which will be produced by JJ Abrams with Constantine and Madame Xanadu for their own television series.

Meanwhile, Abrams is set to produce a feature film about Zatanna, with a screenplay by Emerald Fennell after winning the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for Promising young woman. Although no director has been set, it is likely that Warner Bros. Carefully considering who will play Zatanna in the DCEU, as the role is both a fan favorite and a vital part of the universe moving forward. These are seven suggestions for who could play Zatanna in the DCEU.

Zooey Deschanel

Although this might be a controversial choice on paper, Zooey Deschanel like Zatanna in many ways feels very appropriate. Like the character of Zatanna, Deschanel brings with her the real-life experience of having a very talented father, Caleb Deschanel, the cinematographer of Be there, The good thingand Natural. Although Deschanel may have been typecast in recent years for playing the eccentric character, sometimes unfairly referred to as a maniacal pixie dream girl, this aspect could serve Zatanna’s character well, as Deschanel could bring that natural charm to the stage persona needed to the witch. character. She also has the potential to show a variety of ranges if given the chance, and while she’s best known for comedies, that shouldn’t rule out Deschanel any more than it ruled out Chris Pratt, Paul Rudd or Chris Evans.

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Deschanel actually almost played a superhero; when the Wasp was in the original drafts of The Avengers, Joss Whedon wanted to cast Deschanel in the role. She missed that chance, but a role like Zatanna might be the perfect superhero for her.

Camila Mendes

Camila Mendes the first acting role was that of Veronica Lodge in the hit CW series Riverdale. She played the role for its entire run, which is ultimately set to end with the upcoming seventh season. Doing RiverdaleMendes has found time for small roles in a number of streaming movies like The perfect date, Palm Springs, and dangerous lies.

She has a working relationship with the studio due to her time on Riverdaleand would easily lead the audience of this series to Zatanna, with her fans wanting to see her in more projects. Yet the other reason is that Mendes’ role in Riverdale is very similar to Zatanna, a strong leader who is ready to take charge while embracing her femininity. While it’s unclear what the future holds for Mendes, and even if she would want another long-term franchise commitment after finishing Riverdalecasting her in the role of Zatanna is something that Warner Bros. must certainly take into account.

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario has already found herself within several franchises, from Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief to 2013 3D Texas Chainsaw, while also being featured in acclaimed television series True detective, why women kill, and white lotus. She’s taken on a wide variety of roles across all genres, and 2019 We invoke the darkness has shown his ability to be the main star of a project. She’s also no stranger to the world of DC Comics, as she voiced Lois Lane in the 2020 animated film. Superman: for tomorrow. Daddario has often been cited as the top pick among fans, being featured in several fan art renditions. She co-starred with future DC star Dwayne Johnson in two projects, San Andreas and Baywatch, she would therefore be at home in the DCEU as Zatanna.

Geraldine Viswanathan

Geraldine Viswanathan broke out in 2018 with a role in the hit comedy Blockerswhere she played the daughter of DCEU Peacemaker starred John Cena. Since then, Viswanathan has taken on many interesting roles, including the critically acclaimed HBO original film. Bad Education, romantic comedy The gallery of broken hearts, and COVID comedy 7 daysand is one of the stars of the hit anthology comedy series miracle workers.

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While her career is just getting started, she’s already shown incredible range and has the potential to become the next big star, and a role in a major DCEU property could do just that. She easily matches the attitude comic book fans expect from Zatanna, a fierce and confident person, and she has a great sense of humor and comedic timing. At 27, Geraldine Viswanathan is the youngest star on this list, but if the DCEU was leaning towards a younger Zatanna closer to the one seen on young justice or in the Mystik U comedic, Viswanathan would be a great choice.

Milana Vaynrub

For most people, Milana Vaynrub is probably known as Lily in AT&T commercials (AT&T is now the former owner of DC and Warner Bros.), but she has a long career with a variety of roles ranging from dramas like It’s us and comedies like the underrated series Other space. She was recently seen in the hilarious movie Werewolves inside where she showcased her lineup playing Cecily, the town’s central mail person who has to play a variety of different emotions and tones sometimes even in the same scene. Vayntrub has untapped potential and his comedic background would translate well to Zatanna’s natural performative energy while giving the character a vulnerability that often goes unseen.

Vayntrub is also no stranger to superhero projects. She was originally meant to play the character of Squirrel Girl in the MCU series New warriors, but ABC transmitted the pilot. Vayntrub would later go on to voice the character in the anime series marvel rising. While fans are still waiting for Marvel Studios to put her in the MCU, the DCEU should consider hiring her for Zatanna while Marvel sleeps on that potential.

Rosa Salazar

While she appeared in both The divergent and maze runner franchise, Rosa Salazar really broke out as the leader of 2019 Alita: battle angel. While Salazar is heavily covered in motion-capture technology, it’s still entirely her performance, and Salazar gives the character a sense of optimism while also being a fierce warrior spirit, something Zatanna would need both. as a stage magician and true superhero.

Whereas Alita: battle angel may have disappointed at the box office, it still generated a passionate fanbase, and director Robert Rodriguez, writer/producer James Cameron and Salazar are looking for a sequel to boot. Meanwhile, Salazar landed a small role in the critically acclaimed film Marcel the shod shellstitled the bonkers Netflix series New cherry flavorand is the main star of the rotoscoped anime series Fact. It’s time Salazar got another shot at leading a hugely successful franchise, and starring as Zatanna in his own solo movie as well as a potential Justice League Dark movie is the perfect fit.

Megane Ory

Megane Ory has been featured in numerous television series, most notably as Ruby/Red Riding Hood in Once upon a time. She also starred in the short-lived CBS series Intelligence and is currently on Hallmark Chanel Chesapeake ribs. Still, she mostly stayed on TV with few movies, and maybe that’s what a Zatanna movie needs. While all of the other stars on this list have a mix of television and film backgrounds, with some being bigger stars, to a good chunk of the public, Meghan Ory would be an unknown.

Casting Someone Unknown has been instrumental in casting Superman since the days of Christopher Reeve, and even in the DCEU, Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa were both working, but not big stars when they faced off. Wonder Woman and Aquaman respectively. Yet now they inhabit these roles and have become so associated with them. Casting Ory means the studio gets a talented star with years of experience who brings with her the confidence and power that a part like Zatanna calls for, while perhaps finding their next big star.

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