Action Comics writer says his run won’t include an evil Superman story


Phillip Kennedy Johnson tells New York Comic Con fans that they shouldn’t expect to see an Injustice-like Superman during his Action Comics run.

Writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson opened up about his problems with portraying an evil Superman during a panel at New York Comic Con 2021, adding that a corrupt version of the character similar to that of the Injustice the franchise would never appear during its run on Action comics.

“It’s an easy argument for a studio,” Johnson said when responding to a fan’s question about why evil portrayals of Superman were so common in mass media. “… It’s just an easy thing to understand because Superman is that model of virtue. So the idea of ​​… bribing him for this medium is reused and an easy argument.”

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Johnson spoke about the 2019 movie Sharp burn as an example of this trope, calling the main character “unredeemable”. The movie starred a Superman-like boy who used his powers to terrorize his family and hometown in a killer-like fashion from horror movies.

“And I’m not saying it should never have been explored,” Johnson said. “I mean they even explored in the Christopher Reeves movies with the Red Kryptonite. So I understand why it’s there, and I mean, I kind of explored it in the House of El also, with [Superman’s] son Pyrrhos, who takes the name of the Red King. “

the years 1983 Superman iii featured an evil version of Christopher Reeve’s Superman who was born out of Synthetic Kryptonite and did everything from heavy drinking to putting out the Olympic torch. Johnson House of El one-shot, released in February as part of DC’s Future state initiative, explored a possible future for Superman who saw Man of Steel’s rebellious son wreak havoc before his father finally offered him a chance for redemption.

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“It’s there to illustrate Superman’s inherent goodness and his willingness to see the good in everyone, even that person who is a genocide freak,” Johnson said, referring to Superman forgiving Pyrrhos in House of El. “He said to me, ‘I can fix this. We can do this together.’ So, I’m not sorry that these things exist, but … for me, it’s an easy choice. “

Johnson quoted Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back, pointing out that it was “faster, easier, more attractive” to deconstruct Superman than to present him as a really good individual. He underlined the Injustice games and comics, which regularly follow the fall of Man of Steel from hero to dictator after the Joker kills Lois Lane and her unborn child.

“I want to tell you that you’ll never see the bad guy Superman in my run, because even in Injustice if what happened in this book happens … the real Superman wouldn’t do what he did in this game and this comic book series, ”insisted Johnson. “He’s not the real Superman. So it’s important to me, as crucial to me, that we all have that voice, that person that we can believe in that we know who would never do that, you know? I feel like it’s important for us to believe that it’s achievable, that it’s possible to have the ultimate power and not be a monster. “

Action comics # 1029 started Johnson’s run for Superman’s first title. The latest issue, Action comics # 1035, saw Superman leave the planet to challenge Mongul on Warworld, leaving Earth in the care of his son, Jon Kent.

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Source: New York Comic Con

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