“A children’s bar”, destination for nostalgia

RITTMAN – Jorge Vega is a lifelong comic book fan and collector who enters the business world amid rising inflation and high gas prices.

Despite these uncertainties, and with the support of his wife, the Doylestown resident will open a comic book store in the town of Rittman at 10 S. Main St. in early August.

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His & Hers Comic Shop will not be another comic book store, he said.

“I would love to make a bar for kids,” said Vega, a father of six. “I want to open the door and see a smile on the children’s faces.”

If all goes according to plan, Vega and his wife will open the store on Tuesday, August 2.

His hours will be Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. or 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. according to their working hours.

Rediscover comics

Vega’s childhood reading took him to the Marvel and DC Universes, but that all changed when he found a job and had a family of his own.

The time he once spent with his favorite heroes has quickly dwindled. Then his parents threw away his comic book collection, he said.

The sport filled the void, but Vega said the thrill finally wore off.

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“Like everything you engage in as a child, you lose that when you go to school and become an adult,” Vega said.

Then he spotted a box of old comics at a garage sale in 2019. The seller offered the dozens of classics for $80, a price Vega couldn’t refuse.

Since then, he has been to many garage sales and stores to buy comics of all kinds.

“I have a lot now that I’ve never heard of, but it reminds me of that nostalgia,” he said.

The comics take him back to the 1980s as a child.

Still a fan of Batman, he noted that he read all the comics he could, including classics like “Batman: Year One” and “The Dark Knight Returns.”

Among his favorite memories is the release of the 1989 film “Batman” starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson as the Caped Crusader and Joker, respectively.

That’s the kind of nostalgia he hopes to bring to His & Hers Comic Shop.

“A destination” for children and adults

Primarily a comic book store, Vega hopes to sell older comics cheaply for around $1 apiece from his extensive personal collection.

If the business does well, it will take orders for the new editions which it can order from distributors, he said.

“Right now we’re figuring out the cast. I’d love to have a draw list for the latest comics, but we have to spend so much time on the comics to qualify,” Vega said.

Along with reading, he hopes to sell new and old brands of candy and toys to wholesale distributors, he said.

“Some toy distributors buy products by the pallet and sell what’s left over,” said Vega, who hopes to balance a tight budget with her dream store.

His vision includes televisions playing movies and shows while kids play video games like “Street Fighter” and a four-player “Simpsons” game he has at home.

Knowing that the children will come with their parents and guardians, he hopes to have comfortable seats for the adults who accompany them.

“I want it to be a destination in Rittman,” Vega said.

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