9 Popular Marvel and DC Comics Couples Who Grown Old Together

From Thor and Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder to Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter in Captain America, Marvel Comics (as well as the MCU) has given the world some of the most iconic couples of all time. Unfortunately, the dramatic and awkward situations that come with being a superhero can easily warp relationships. However, couples who manage to get through all the tough times do better in the end, proving that their healthy love can withstand almost anything.

The other dilemma of having supers or mutants who have aged together is that many of them don’t age like regular humans, but stay together well beyond a normal mortal’s lifetime. With few Marvel couples tending to get this far without breaking up for good or meeting death, which ones are on track to grow old together and which ones have already?


9 Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy (DC)

Starting out as friends and ending up becoming so much more once Harley cut Joker for good, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are now one of DC’s most popular power couples. Since harley quinn the animated series gave the couple more exposure, they were simply unstoppable.

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With the installation of Harley Quinn: The Animated Series – The Eat. Bang! Kill. Round (in which the couple decide to honeymoon after eloping), the incredible dynamic these women possess is further demonstrated. In “The Beginning” from Love Is a Battlefield #1, the duo grew old together and did their best to ensure that nothing would ever separate them again, not even death.

8 Spider-Man and Mary Jane (Marvel)

Having been one of the best MCU couples for decades, the MJ and Spider-Man dynamic constantly finds a way to survive. In “Spider-Man vs. His Sinister 60th” from Incredible Fantasy #1000a vibrant anthology of short stories celebrating and focusing on Spidey, their relationship is once again put to the test.

Even though Peter’s tenacity to protect New York often interferes with his relationship with MJ even in his old age, she is there for him when it is thought he is dying, after being shot by a mugger. The story ends well enough to bring fans to tears as Parker is met in the hospital by his girlfriend and countless people who have been saved by his heroism, lovingly engulfing the web-slinger in what the it was thought to be his last moments.

seven Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor (DC)

A relationship that began in the ’50s, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are more stable than they appear in the movies, almost always reuniting in the comics no matter what continuity they’re in.

Although Diana and Steve couldn’t get their happy ending in 2017 wonder woman Where Wonder Woman 1984, they finally got what they deserved in the comics, where they had a daughter in a parallel universe of Earth-2 (who grew up to be the superhero known as Fury). Steve died in many other continuities (including Wonder Woman #180), but readers felt that liaison with the United Nations would always return one way or another, convinced that tragedy could never separate them for long.

6 Wolverine and Maureen (Marvel)

In the Old Man Logan comic book series, which inspired Marvel’s hit 2017 film, LoganWolverine grew old alongside his wife Maureen and their two children some 50 years after most Marvel heroes died.

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Maureen, a former Weapon X employee, has made her way into Logan’s heart with her dedicated personality and inspiring storytelling. In this universe, the ex-hero has refused to splinter his claws again, even though he is threatened and harassed by the Hulk Gang. Unfortunately, he has to say goodbye to his family, sending them away to protect them as he finally decides to team up with Hawkeye to take down the immense turmoil surrounding them.

5 Hawkman and Hawkgirl (DC)

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are another DC fan-favorite pairing that has had a profound effect on fans. Continually reborn to search for each other, Hawkman and Hawkgirl give new meaning to “together forever”, having no qualms about facing any obstacles that stand in their way. They even managed to overcome death, somehow managing to find themselves in each life.

This was specifically seen in “The Dark Knight Strikes Again”, where it is discovered that Lex Luthor was controlling superheroes by holding their loved ones hostage. At this time, Hawkman and Hawkgirl were living in Costa Rica with their two children, where they sadly died in each other’s arms after Lex Luthor ordered a military strike on them. Although they usually don’t get the chance to grow old together, their partnership is one that will never end.

4 Uncle Ben and Aunt May (Marvel)

Although they don’t hold any superpowers themselves, aside from Aunt May, only comic book fans know that he became Spider Ma’am in Earth-3123 After being suffocated by the power-giving spider, Uncle Ben and Aunt May are a super couple in their own way.

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They started out as friends and quickly became lovers for decades, proving to be each other’s rock after the tragic death of Peter’s parents in a plane crash. As all fans know, the couple grew old together while raising their nephew, being among the most morally driven and supportive guardians in all of Marvel until Ben was murdered by a mugger that tragic night. Arguably, without the event and their love, Spider-Man might never have become the hero he is today.

3 Black Canary and Green Arrow (DC)

Known for their hilarious banter, Green Arrow and Black Canary are a power couple who refuse to be held back by anyone or anything (from death to rewriting the universe in The new 52). The heroes first met as members of the Justice League of America and have one of DC’s most popular superhero romances.

The consistency and stability of their relationship is something truly rare within DC, as the stress or oppositions that come with being a hero tend to strain every super-relationship. After Oliver was killed by Superman in Crisis on Infinite Earths, all he imagines is Dinah’s face as her vision goes black, thankfully revived later in the Lazarus Pits. After tragedies and miracles, the perfect couple married in the late 2000s, becoming incredible parents to their super son as they raise him to be a respectable man, uplifting each other in the process .

2 Captain America and Peggy Carter (Marvel)

Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers may not have gotten their happy endings as they originally intended, but the two were rewarded much later in the MCU. Even before receiving the Super Soldier Serum, Peggy kept a picture of the frail, skinny Steve Rogers with her. It is confirmed by the director of Captain America: Civil War that Peggy’s child is indeed Steve’s.

After much mental decline due to amnesia, it remained difficult for Peggy to realize her own age and the time gap between them in the comics, believing their relationship would continue as before. Much later, Peggy was revived by Cosmic Cube Kobik and then fought to clear Steve’s name until they were reunited. In Avengers: Endgame, Steve finally gets the chance to travel to 1970 while returning the Infinity Stones. Meanwhile, Rogers stays and marries Peggy, avenging the life they lost together in 1940 before returning to the future as an old man.

1 Superman and Lois Lane (DC)

Lois and Clark have more history together than any other DC couple, dating back to the late 1930s, and fans couldn’t imagine them with anyone but each other. They met while working as reporters for The Daily Planet newspaper and have had eyes for each other ever since.

Their relationship works so well because they deeply value the truth and care deeply for the people of Earth (especially Metropolis). After their initial engagement was nearly foiled by the “death” of Superman and other related issues, they were finally married in 1996. Superman: The Wedding Album, later having a son who became Superboy. Although Clark’s only signs of aging were graying hair on his head and beard, his and Lois’ love has endured through all of the continuities.

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