8 Images The Trailer Pulled Straight From The Comics

The sand man is one of the most famous graphic novel series to ever see the light of day, and a screen adaptation has been long overdue since the 90s. Now that Netflix is ​​releasing the series on August 5th, thousands of readers have looking forward to seeing scenes from the panels and pages animated in glorious Technicolor, and even the teaser gave viewers scenes taken straight from the source material.

In a brief sequence, the series is already shaping up to be what fans have been dreaming of for years. Granted, there are certainly differences in art direction and casting, but the core elements of Neil Gaiman’s genius masterpiece are all there.



Dream is captured in a magic circle in Sandman

Magic plays a key role in nearly all of Sandman’s storylines, and the rituals that Rodrick Burgess performs with his cult of wizards are what draw Dream of the Endless to the mortal plane. Right from the teaser, the sequence of mystics attempting to capture ether death is a realized recreation of the summoning seen in the comics, including its end result.

The image of Dream collapsed in a summoning circle surrounded by a group of powerful wizards is taken from the early issues of Preludes and Nocturnes, and it’s one of the first images fans will notice right off the bat. That being said, it’s definitely one of the easiest to adapt to the screen.

The look

Sandman in the comics giving the shine alongside his live-action version

Some would argue that the Sandman himself looks a bit too human compared to the mysterious Master of Dreams seen in the pages of the original comics. However, the look he gives his captors is the exact same look and expression he gives to the camera as he waits to be freed from his glass prison.

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The dream rarely takes on a life, but if looks could kill, viewers would be six feet under. It’s a look that says he knows he’s going to escape, he knows he’s going to get revenge, and he knows the occultists are going to suffer.

Dream Captured By Occultists

The sandman is trapped under glass

Capturing one of the mighty Endless is no easy task, but neither is it possible to contain them for generations. In the comics, Dream is mistakenly captured in place of his sister, Death. In order to properly study him, Burgess and his team must keep him under surveillance while keeping themselves safe from his wrath.

In the comics, most witchcraft paraphernalia is often intricate and elaborate, but the filmmakers seem to have recreated it beautifully for the screen. Especially the large glass cell where a Naked Dream sits, plotting his escape.

Dream about escaping the circle

Dream escapes through a vortex in Sandman

The explosive escape sequence scene in the trailer as Dream exits the deadly plane into a swirling, glowing vortex of light is the one that’s immediately taken from Preludes and Nocturnes. In fact, it’s one of the largest and most recognizable early issue images of the entire series.

It’s not just done to show off the art and visuals, but to show how powerful the character is without the help of their artifacts. If Dream is able to overpower the guards, evade enchantments, and open a portal between the plains of existence without his power sources, imagine what he could do at full capacity.

Dream blowing the sand

Tom Sturridge as Morpheus Dream in The Sandman

In the trailer, Dream is able to overpower the security guards by blowing a handful of magic sand in their direction, which he has done before in the comics. Although not as saturated in the heavily inked colors of graphic novels, Tom Sturridge is able to recreate Dream’s expression and appearance with impressive ease.

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While some might call this a bit of artistic overkill, those familiar with Neil Gaiman’s work will recognize it as one of Sandman’s most memorable poses. That might be an excuse for the show to show off its effects budget, but it’s more than likely going to be one of the highlights of the opening episodes.

Mad Hettie talks to Constantine

Mad Hettie talks to Constantine in Sandman

Although the series has been requested and desired for years, not everything will be 100% true to the book. For example, is the gender exchange of hellblazer’s Constantine. Jenna Coleman’s portrayal aside, the exchange between Constantine and Mad Hettie shown at the start of the trailer might be shot slightly differently, but the exchange happens almost verbatim in the comics.

After the Sandman escapes the clutches of Burgess, one of the first things he must do is find his magic sandbag. Luckily for him, he has an ally who specializes in the forms and functions of the supernatural.

Lucifer Morning Star

Netflix The Sandman Shows Gwendoline Christie Image As Lucifer Header

One of the biggest controversies surrounding the show’s casting choices was Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar. This is more than likely due to the fact that most viewers are used to seeing Tom Ellis as the suave, good-natured demon of the Lucifer TV show. However, compared to the comic version of the same character, Christie is unquestionably more skilled.

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In the comics, Lucifer is an androgynous blonde portrayed as a corrupt fallen angel rather than the soft-spoken charmer seen in the TV series. Christie’s adaptation is much more in line with the version Neil Gaiman presented in his works rather than what some might expect. However, the softer exterior does nothing to hamper the wickedness and genuinely evil nature of the beast beneath.

Dream holding his helmet

Dream holds her helm in Sandman

One of the most common images throughout Sandman Lore is of Dream holding up his gas mask-like helmet as a sign of triumph or contemplation. Fans of the series know that there are three things the Sandman can never do without, his magic sand pouch, his ruby ​​and his helmet. They are the symbols of his power and authority, and they are the artifacts that give him such powerful abilities.

Dozens of superheroes wear masks, but Dream’s is a special case. Crafted from the spine and skull of an ancient god, the helmet acts as a seal, source of power, and protection. While he’s certainly a formidable force of nature without it, it does increase his intimidation factor by several miles.

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