5 Ways Real Ghostbusters Are The Best Cartoon (And 5 It’s Extreme Ghostbusters)

Following the release to critical and box office success ghost hunters in 1984, Columbia Pictures Television teamed up with animation company DIC to create a cartoon version. In 1986, The Real Ghostbusters premiered on the ABC program Saturday morning. It became a huge hit due to its sharp writing and voice actors.

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A spin-off of the original series, Extreme Ghostbusters, created in 1997 to attract a new generation of viewers. Rather than focusing on the original quartet, the crew for this syndicated cartoon consisted of college-aged students led by Egon Spengler. Although only 40 episodes were broadcast, compared to 140 for Real Ghostbusters, it continues to have great popularity. Ultimately, both the original and the sequel have several positives.

ten Real Ghostbusters is better thanks to the early movies

ghost hunters’ first animated incarnation has an advantage over his suite. It already had a huge fanbase due to the success of the original film and the anticipation for its sequel. Same The Real Ghostbusters weaker episodes are considered better.

On top of that, the show had some top writers. Among them are the future Babylon 5 designer J. Michael Straczynski and Gargoyles writer Michael Reaves. They retained the humor of the live-action film while incorporating a plethora of new fantasies. This was especially true for the show’s 65-episode syndicated run.

9 Extreme Ghostbusters is better because it’s not entirely based on the original

By the time Extreme Ghostbusters aired, viewers of the original cartoon were older. In fact, they were around the same age as the show’s college-aged characters. With that in mind, the creators of this release have done more with the concept.

Since being unionized, Extreme Ghostbusters the ghosts are scarier than those on the Saturday morning program. In another change to the original cartoon, anything the specters did was undone once they were caught. Also, being a new cast of characters, there were opportunities to flesh out their personalities.

8 Real Ghostbusters is better because it had competition and always thrived

The filmed version of the Ghostbusters.

As Columbia Pictures developed its ghost hunters’ animated version, Filmation Studios did the same. It was sort of a sequel to the company’s Saturday morning show in 1975, The ghost hunters. To take advantage of the film’s popularity, Filmation released its version in syndication five days before the ABC version.

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There’s definitely no way to confuse the two cartoons. The Filmation version is largely comedic as opposed to Real ghost hunters. Nonetheless, Straczynski and Reaves produced quality episodes in the show’s first season to compete.

seven Extreme Ghostbusters is better because it’s more diverse

Extreme Ghostbusters have a diverse lineup

When we look back at both the ghost hunters film and cartoon, they lack diversity. It was a team of three white PhDs and African American Winston Zeddemore. Yet he plays a minor role behind Venkman, Spengler and Stantz.

Conversely, Extreme Ghostbusters features a diverse cast to reflect the societal changes of the 1990s. For example, Kylie is a young goth woman with extensive knowledge of the paranormal. His teammates include Eduardo, a Hispanic man, and Garrett, who has been disabled since birth.

6 Real Ghostbusters is better because of its voice cast

real ghostbusters

During its seven-season run, The Real Ghostbusters had a stellar voice. Players included veteran actor Frank Welker as Ray Stantz and Slimer, Maurice LaMarche as Egon, and Arsenio Hall as Winston.

The best of the lot was Lorenzo Music. The old doorman without a face on Rhodes and the eventual voice of Garfield, played Peter Venkman’s slime.

5 Extreme Ghostbusters is better because it tackles some real-life issues

Among the real-life problems in

Since it didn’t have to conform to network television standards, Extreme Ghostbusters addressed some real-life issues. An example of this is Garrett’s attitude towards his disability. Although he is in a wheelchair, that doesn’t stop him from being immensely positive and a sports lover/participant.

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Another situation is Egon’s changing attitudes towards ghostbusting. Although he was a very confident member of the team initially, aging has made him less sure of himself. As his team of young adults grow in confidence, it fuels Egon and empowers him to move forward.

4 Real Ghostbusters is better because of Slimer

Slimer is an important character in the Ghostbusters story. It was the team’s first live-action capture. Bring it as the group’s mascot in The real ghost hunters, Slimer provided a light touch to episodes featuring heavier or darker villains.

The Ghost has become so popular that it has received 13 segments over the show’s final seasons.

3 Extreme Ghostbusters is better because of its continuity

"Extreme Ghostbusters" had more continuity than its original counterpart.

Allowed, Extreme Ghostbusters didn’t have an ongoing underlying story like today’s animated series. However, it packed a lot of continuity into its 40-episode run. Lessons learned in previous installments carried over to others. Additionally, the characters grew as they learned more about ghostbusting.

That didn’t mean the team’s spirited legacy was forgotten. In “Back in the saddle”, the Extreme and Real ghost hunter the teams came together.

2 Real Ghostbusters is better because of its longevity

The Real Ghostbusters

There aren’t many Saturday morning cartoons that can boast a continuous run of seven seasons. the real ghost hunters to this distinction.

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With the exception of the second season, which appeared in syndication, the show aired on the ABC schedule from the mid-1980s to 1991. A big hit at a time when Saturday morning cartoons were starting to catch on. out of breath.

1 Extreme Ghostbusters is better because of its horror content

The Real Ghostbusters stuck to its not-quite-scary ghosts formula to reflect the comedic style of the film. This was due to regulations imposed by ABC. This was not the case with Extreme Ghostbusters.

The syndicated-only cartoon went for the creep factor in many episodes. In “Til’ Death Do We Start”, a wealthy young man was terrorized by the ghost of a screaming, skinless bride. In “Killjoys”, the team battled a gang of vampire clowns.

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