5 Ways Gargoyles Were The Best Cartoon Of The ’90s (And 5 Which Are Better)


When it comes to 90s cartoons, the selection was great. There were great shows both when the kids came home from school and on those holy Saturday mornings. Which was better can be debated for days, but Gargoyles deserves to be always in the discussion. It was a series that pushed the limits of what a cartoon could do.

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He was well ahead of his time and deserves the worship he followed. There are others who will fight for the crown of the best cartoon of the 90s, some of which have branched out into multiple forms of media.

ten Gargoyles: each character has had moments to shine


There are a lot of shows with ensemble castings that tend to focus on just a few characters, leaving everyone in the dust. This has never been the case with the Gargoyles branch in Manhattan.

Each of the cast members had character arcs and episodes that focused solely on them. Of course, Goliath was the protagonist of the group, but Brooklyn and Lexington’s betrayals rippled through their characters throughout the series.

9 Batman The Animated Series Created A Character So Good He Became Canon In The Comics

Harley Quinn Points

An animated property rarely affects its comedic counterpart. The incredible Batman the animated series This turned the tide with the creation of Harley Quinn, a character who not only went hot in the comics, but went on to become one of the most popular characters on the show.

She’s a microcosm of why the show was so great, a character who, while nasty, had a level of sympathy, especially with Batman. Batman’s treatment of his villains throughout the series is the biggest highlight, giving him more humanity than his comedic counterpart often has.

8 Gargoyles: It had darker tones than any other cartoon dared touch

Gargoyle characters holding a gun

In the ’90s, showing blood was a big no when it came to cartoons, and so was the use of guns. Gargoyles have thwarted this trend by having both. Not only were the characters bleeding, but they were regularly pushed to the brink of death, adding major stakes to the series.

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Most notable of this involved Broadway accidentally shooting Elisa in the arm with her gun. She was hospitalized afterwards and all the gargoyles worried about her safety.

7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Was A Commodity Titan

Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 Series

the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are still going strong today, and a big reason is the quality of the cartoon in the late ’80s and early’ 90s. It’s one thing for a turtle show to talk about being a hit with children and another so that it becomes the cultural phenomenon that it has become.

No cartoon from this era ever came close to him in terms of merchandise, and there was a good reason for that. Turtles were an entertaining quartet of characters, and the show’s themes were quite advanced for the time.

6 Gargoyles: the tradition was deep and rich, drawing heavily from Shakesphere

Macbeth Gargoyles

There was a clear love for Shakesphere throughout the series, the showrunners admitting it. The fact that Macbeth existed as a villain was one of the most notable elements, but it was sprinkled throughout a series that had a deep and rich lore tied to it.

the Gargoyles were not just a conspiracy and part of the three races of the world, along with humanity and the fae. The longer the show lasted, the deeper it got, and had he continued, the Illuminati would undoubtedly have been explored further.

5 X-Men tackled many of the same issues as Gargoyles and had one of the best opening themes of all time

Wolverine X-men cartoon

Back in the ’90s, the X-Men were king in Marvel, and this show is a big reason for that. He addressed many of the same issues as Gargoyles done, handling them with a much softer touch, and was one of the first series to introduce multi-episode arcs.

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Many of its major storylines took more than four episodes. On top of all that, it had one of the best opening themes ever. All the ’90s kids knew the song, humming along with it on Sunday mornings.

4 Gargoyles: He solved tough problems in a way that didn’t pull the punches


The show was littered with messages, ranging from gun safety to how wrong it is to judge people by their appearance. The racial undertones of the show were always clear, with the fanaticism towards the gargoyles as a reference to how some people are treated in real life.

He also touched on the cycle of hate and why it was so hard to overcome. There were never any withheld punches either. Their gun safety message goes beyond just declaring guns bad and more focused on why it was the owner’s responsibility to take safety precautions.

3 Rugrats helped tackle issues of frontal growth


A baby-centric show had nothing to do with being as deep as Rugrats has been. Words can’t express how special this was, collecting more than a few Emmys along the way and even having its own star on the Walk of Fame!

The show touched on issues that were very real to the kids watching them, from dealing with bullies to the importance of friendship. He even taught viewers about historical events in a digestible way.

2 Gargoyles: the villains were some of the most nuanced in cartoon history


Villains in cartoons tend to have only one dimension, and that is being evil for good or bad. They are all evil card carriers who only exist to annoy the hero. This is not the case with Gargoyles, where the villains were perhaps the most interesting characters in the series.

Xanatos and Demona are the tops of cartoon villains. They both had goals that made sense to them and progressed as the series progressed. Demona realizing how lonely she was was a great character development.

1 Recess was way ahead of its time and very underrated

Playtime cartoon casting

For a jewel as underestimated as Gargoyles is, Break can be even more neglected. The show is hardly ever mentioned when it comes to great cartoons, and it’s a crime it’s not loved more.

The show touches on themes that viewers would never expect from a playtime show. There were so many political themes intertwined with him, from the playing field having its own form of government to the class structure within. Characters also evolve over time, even those who initially appear one-dimensional.

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