5 characters who most resemble their comedic counterparts (and 5 more different)

The highly anticipated latest MCU movie, Eternal, certainly lived up to the hype for a large majority of fans. While they need to introduce a slew of new characters, fans have learned enough about each to make an emotional connection. Many fans already had affinities for certain Eternals that had appeared in the comics for years.

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While the MCU is generally pretty good at paying homage to the comedic content that came before them, they certainly don’t hesitate to make whatever changes they see fit. Many of the Eternals have stuck with their comic book counterparts, although some of them were completely overhauled when they made their big screen debut, for better or worse.

ten Ikaris is a different man on the inside, with new hair

The leader of the Eternals remains quite similar to his comedic counterpart when it comes to his flight powers and ability to fire laser beams. Thankfully, the MCU version updated the He-Man-inspired hairstyle for a more contemporary look. While Ikaris’ powers and leadership are the same, he was actually placed as a villain in the MCU.

In the comics, he’s just as mortified as the rest of the team when he discovers the terribly dark purpose of their existence. But in Eternals, he tries to continue to keep the information of others to ensure the birth of Tiamut. Instead of leading the team, he sets them up for failure and even has Ajak killed by newly discovered deviants.

9 Sersi pretty much stayed the same

Gemma Chan as Sersei in Eternals

The Eternal known as Sersi is more or less the same in the comics as it is in the MCU. Although she is an Eternal like the others, she is somewhat of a social butterfly. Both versions of Sersi even have a mole in the same area above their lip.

The only real difference is Sersi’s lover. In the MCU, she is associated with Ikaris. In the comics, she has a long-term relationship with Makkari, who is male. Sersi also has a special bond with Dane Whitman in the comics and the Eternals.

8 From samurai to Bollywood star, Kingo has changed a bit

In the comics, Kingo comes from a Japanese colony of Eternals and eventually became skilled in the art of samurai. In the MCUs Eternals, Kingo is described as an Indian Bollywood star from a long line of Bollywood success – who was in fact just himself with different hairstyles over the years.

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Although the two characters are very different, they share a similarity. Kingo in the comics was also an action movie celebrity, although he wasn’t generational and liked to play a samurai for obvious reasons.

7 Gilgamesh is similar to the main exception of his life status

Don Lee as Gilgamesh in Eternals

Gilgamesh is not much different in Eternals compared to its comic book counterpart. He maintains his position of Eternal with the most brutal force and also maintains a close and unique relationship with Thena.

While Gilgamesh enjoys spending time among humanity in the comics, he spends most of his time in the Eternals deal with Thena once she goes downstairs with Mahd Wy’ry. Sadly, Gilgamesh is no longer in the MCU. Fans can only hope to see his adventures with Hercules in flashbacks or prequels.

6 Sprite became a girl for the MCU


In the comics, Sprite was a boy and actually inspired Peter Pan in the Marvel comics. Fans can take on Sprite’s gender switch to Eternals was made to play the angle of Ikaris’ love interest, providing him with an unexpected ally during Eternal‘s climax. It also probably made sense to add women to the already male-dominated squad. The MCU Eternals were introduced with an equal 50/50 split, at least before the arrival of Eros.

5 Still a fierce warrior, Thena hasn’t changed much

Angelina Jolie as Thena in Eternals

The MCU Eternal known as Thena is very similar to its comic book counterpart – including her abilities and physical appearance. She is a fierce warrior and able to ward off any weapon she desires by manipulating cosmic energy.

Although not shown as promiscuous in Eternals, she seems to have a special bond with Gilgamesh. Unfortunately, she succumbs to Mahd Wy’ry, which makes her mentally ill from the traumatic weight of her memories. She also has an interaction with Kro in Eternals. Kro is a Deviant, and in the comics, they engage in a relationship over and over again.

4 Druig’s motivations have completely changed

Barry Keoghan as Druig in Eternals

The Druig introduced in Eternals is quite different from the one known in the comics. The comedic version Druig is an antagonistic character and constantly at war with his fellow Eternals, trying to seize power and control them.

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While Druig disagrees with his fellow MCU Eternals, it’s for much purer reasons – the protection of humanity. Rather than being the villain of EternalsDruig was almost the savior, but he failed to keep Tiamut asleep. He also appears to have some sort of relationship with Makkari in the MCU.

3 The basic concepts of Phastos are the same

MCU Phastos is relatively similar to the comic book character, with a few cosmetic tweaks. Both versions of Phastos are brilliant inventors capable of crafting incredibly advanced weapons and technology for his fellow Eternals.

The main differences with Phastos are his physique, his sexual orientation and his accessories. In the comics, Phastos has a human wife for a brief period. He has a muscular physique and generally carries his hammer with him at all times. Phastos in Eternals is married to another man, is less muscular, and wears glasses instead of a hammer. There is only enough room for a hammer hero in the MCU.

2 Makkari has been drastically altered for the MCU, but with comedic inspiration

Lauren Ridloff as Makkari in Eternals

In the comics, Makkari is a white male figure. In Eternal, Makkari is presented as a deaf black female figure. Aside from possessing super speed, Makkari’s character has been completely overhauled from the character known in the comics, although the transformation isn’t entirely unexpected.

Although this is a new take on the classic character, there is a comedic storyline where Makkari dies and is resurrected as a woman. After this resurrection, Makkari attempts to bond with a celestial whose death had a huge impact on her. Makkari ultimately failed in his mission and lost his speech, hearing, and telepathy in the process.

1 Ajak was similar for his brief MCU stint

Ajak is another MCU Eternal that has great similarities to his comic book character. She prefers to live in isolation – alone or with the privileged few. A large part of its existence consists of communicating with the Celestials.

In the comics, Ajak devotes much of his life to learning how to communicate with his Cosmic Creator Gods. In Eternals, she is the appointed spokesperson between her eternal team and their heavenly lord called Arishem. Sadly, Ajak didn’t last long in the MCU thanks to Ikaris, but his memory will live on through the remaining Eternals and potentially through any others that will be introduced.

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