10 weirdest heroes’ weaknesses in Marvel Comics


As powerful as they may be, Marvel’s most formidable heroes actually hide certain secrets – weaknesses the enemy could take advantage of if the opportunity presented itself. While DC’s Superman might have his Kryptonite, other comic book characters have slightly more bizarre weaknesses.

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It could be a phobia they’ve always worked with or an inconvenience that ultimately affects them in combat, but these weaknesses are certainly unexpected. There may be ways to resolve them and work around setbacks, but they also add much-needed drama to any conflict. Marvel heroes still have their backs to the wall, after all.

ten Spider-Man: Web Fluid

Classic Spider-Man Comic Book

Some of Spider-Man’s most formidable foes might capitalize on a fairly ordinary weakness. Unlike characters like Miles Morales, typically Peter Parker’s Web Fluid is man-made rather than a natural substance created as a result of the spider bite.

As a result, Spider-Man can actually run out of his web fluid, putting him in real danger, especially in high-stakes situations. A number of other things can impact this slinging ability, including if the equipment is damaged in some way – even water is known to have an impact.

9 Wolverine: magnets

Wolverine, be it Logan or his daughter X-23, is a pretty serious character. Still, their weakness could lead to a pretty hilarious scenario. Wolverine’s all-new claws and the previous Wolverine skeleton are bonded to the metal known as adamantium.

This means that they can be attenuated with the help of magnets. Of course, Magneto uses it quite often in battle against these healing mutants, but it would really only take a giant magnet to bind Wolverine in place. It is certainly a strange weakness to overcome.

8 Black panther: sound waves

Black Panther Comic Art on the Throne

The Black Panther vibranium costume is one of the most protective costumes of any Marvel hero. But whether it’s T’Challa, his father, Killmonger, or maybe even Shuri donning the armor, there’s actually a pretty big weakness that’s even been seen on screen.

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Due to the unstable molecules of the substance, they can be weakened by something as simple as a sonic explosion. The costume itself is pretty useless against the impact of a sound-based weapon. This is what led to Killmonger’s death in the MCUs Black Panther. Maybe other combination upgrades could fix this problem.

7 Trauma: bad fear

Trauma turns to spider in Marvel

Trauma is a slightly lesser-known hero, but was once classified as an Omega-level meta-human. He worked as part of the Initiative after the Superhero Civil War and his powers come from the god Nightmare. Trauma has the capacity to become anyone’s biggest fear.

Without fear of being inspired, Trauma is not particularly well equipped in combat. His real weakness, however, is if his enemy has a fear that cannot very well be militarized. For example, a fear of chickens would simply cause Trauma to run like a hen.

6 Storm: natural limits

X-Men Storm cover giant size # 1

The Mutant Storm is considered a deity in its own right, relying on the natural elements to create unique weather patterns. She’s one of the most powerful heroes in all of Marvel, but her abilities actually have limits.

Usually, Storm has to draw her powers elsewhere. For example, if she wants it to rain, then she takes these water molecules from elsewhere on the planet. This is an odd logistical problem to solve and could cause problems in the wrong scenario.

5 Iron Man: low batteries

That’s less of a problem in the modern age, especially because Iron Man could even use solar power to recharge his suits if he wanted to, but back in the days of the character’s debut, Tony’s armor Stark could actually run out of battery. completely.

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Without any power, Iron Man is essentially running around in an incredibly heavy metal suit. His power could be exhausted even by the weakest of villains with relative ease, although at the very least, it could be recharged from a single flash of Thor.

4 Red Hulk: Too much anger

Red Hulk functions much the same as the regular Hulk, fueled by all-out rage. However, as Thunderbolt Ross continues to fight, his body begins to heat up. The more anger there is in him and the more he is in conflict, the hotter he will become.

This heat could cause an explosion or at the very least kill Red Hulk. Therefore, it is vitally important that the Red Hulk manages to calm down and only operate in the field when absolutely necessary. It’s a strange problem that a Hulk has to overcome.

3 Domino: Chickens

Domino vs chicken

Domino operates on luck. As a mutant with a strange ability, it’s only fitting that she also has an equally bizarre weakness. In theory, the character shouldn’t have to cross this border very often, as she should have the chance to avoid it.

However, Domino is completely afraid of chickens. The trauma would definitely have a field day here, but Domino has been shown to freeze completely in the face of this phobia of poultry. If her enemies ever knew it, she might have to withdraw!

2 Cyclops: his glasses

Cyclops without glasses

Speaking of mutant abilities, Cyclops possesses some of the most impressive powers in the Marvel Universe. He controls them with the help of his specially designed goggles, which allow him to target his visual blasts and hold them back if necessary.

Once those glasses are broken, however, it is useless. He cannot control his abilities at all and must keep his eyes closed so as not to endanger those around him. For anyone fighting the former X-Men boss, it’s best to aim for the face.

1 Deadpool: cows


Of course, Deadpool would have a strange phobia to hold him back. Granted, he’s also scared of clowns, which many might relate to, especially with some of Marvel’s villains rampaging across the universe. However, he also has a deep phobia of cows.

Supposedly, it’s the way they look at him that really puts him off, although a strange friendship develops between the Merc with a Mouth and Hellcow (who ultimately tried to suck his blood). Needless to say, a heavy attack might be the most effective way to get rid of Wade Wilson.

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