10 video game characters who should star in their own cartoon


Since video game films are regaining relevance with recent releases of films like Mortal combat, it has many video game fans wondering how their favorites could work as part of an animated series. Both Sonic and Pikachu have done wonders on the big screen, but what if some of their pixelated peers had their own animated series?

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There are so many colorful characters in the video game business that it’s amazing that they haven’t all at least tried to land a cartoon contract. Some of them are literally designed to be cartoons.

ten Cup head

Cuphead fights a Mickey-like boss in Cuphead

Concrete example, take a look at Cup head. Granted, a Netflix animated series is already in development, but both mugs simply deserve some form of mention, especially since they were directly influenced by the cartoon medium itself.

Hopefully, Cuphead and his brother Mugman’s animated antics are just as impressive as their run-and-gun counterparts. Of course, dealing with shady characters like King Dice and the Devil himself guarantees their adventures a slight edge.

9 Captain Toad

Mario and Luigi already had their animated series back in the 90s, so why not try a Nintendo-inspired spinoff series with other characters? The Mushroom Kingdom doesn’t just belong to the Mario Bros., after all.

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Starting with a recent entry in the franchise, why not give the extraordinary treasure hunter Captain Toad a series? The toad has evolved far beyond the fungal-headed sidekick it once was. Why not develop these adventures by allowing him to play the hero in his own show?

8 The Koopalings

Bowser and the Koopalings prepare for battle

Then again, it might be fun to see a series from a villain’s perspective. There are few better ways to explore this idea in the Mushroom Kingdom than with Bowser and his eclectic offspring. It might not be that deep in terms of plot, but there’s no denying that it would be a fun outing.

With such a cast of colorful characters among the Koopa kids, there is certainly a possibility for some comedic gold here, especially with their wide variety of personalities.

7 Wario

Featured Wario Land Shake It Anime Gold Coins

While not strictly a villain and more of a lovable prankster, Wario would do wonders in his own cartoon series. There are certainly Shrek vibrations in progress with his character; just swap the onion jokes for the garlic jokes and we’re already off to a good start.

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With more than enough breeding ground for ridiculous crass humor, a show starring the Mario look-alike would be perfect as an animated comedy, especially if it has Wario Land: Shake It’s artistic style to back it up.

6 Rayman

Rayman walking through one of the original levels

If appearance alone hasn’t revealed it, Rayman and his limbless friends should definitely consider an animated series, especially if the developers took inspiration from Rayman origins and Captions. The entire franchise practically screams the Saturday morning cartoon.

A Rayman series absolutely needs to pay attention to the way the characters behave in games. It would be best to start with traditional 2D animation, perhaps limit the use of character speech, and rely heavily on physical comedy.

5 Fox McCloud and Company

Cover of the official Star Fox 2 artwork

How has Star fox not had some sort of mech-focused anime equivalent ship? It has all the building blocks for an exciting, action-packed series starring Fox, Slippy, Falco, and the rest of the Lilac System.

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The result could be a strange hybrid of Beast stars and Star wars, but it is undeniable that there is definitely an audience for this kind of concert, but there is only one way to find out for sure.

4 Spyro

Spyro the Dragon is one of the most beloved game icons on PlayStation and, although it may have made an appearance in the Skylanders cartoon, he really deserves something more to match his adventures.

A series based on the Spyro games need to be accompanied by all the action and humor that made the original games so enjoyable to begin with, and there is no doubt that voiceover legend Tom Kenny would make a triumphant return as a much needed star power.

3 Sackboy

LittleBigPlanet Sackboy

Speaking of PlayStation mascots, why not gift a cute series to LittleBigPlanet’s Sackboy? The entire game world is absolutely begging to be turned into some sort of Tim-Burton-inspired stop-motion animated adventure series.

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Perhaps it would suit a more eccentric and experimental audience better, but since when has it ever hampered audience enjoyment? The point is, the ideas are definitely there for something as cute and unique as the original platformer title.

2 Knight Shovel

Shovel Knight Treasure Chest Art

All geek kids need to be introduced to Monty Python at some point in their life, so why not give them a sample of absurd humor in the form of a Knight Shovel cartoon? The game and its characters are already as absurd and vibrant as Monty Python and the Holy Grail, why not come full circle?

While anyone can guess at the visual style, the humor of the game should definitely take center stage with Shovel and Shield Knight’s relationship. The idea is simply a treasure trove of possibilities.

1 The villagers of Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Horizons Tom Nook and KK Slider.

The series is a phenomenon; the characters are adorable and the atmosphere is cottagecore at its best, so why didn’t we make it Animal crossing made its animated debut? While it is true that it received an animated film in 2006, a proper portrayal of the latest games would be more than well received.

It doesn’t even need to feature the player character at all. In fact, it might be better to feature characters like Isabelle and KK Slider in the lead roles. The popularity of the game is just too valuable not to try it out.

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