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Batman has been around for over 80 years, the second major superhero in DC Comics after Superman. Over the years, he’s been through many iterations, from a detective who stops mobsters, to a kitsch comedy hero with liners, to the current Dark Knight that fans know and love today.

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The only constant with Batman is that he’s been one of the most popular in comic book history, whatever the company. He has appeared in countless titles in his own name and appears regularly in the books of other characters, always acclaimed by fans. However, not all fans are happy with Batman and voice their unpopular views on Reddit.

ten Batman should retire

Dick Grayson becomes Batman.

Bruce Wayne has been Batman since joining DC Comics in 1939, created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Reddit user @ samx3i thinks Bruce Wayne should retire for good and allow someone new to take on the role of Batman. “Legacy characters should be able to take over,” he wrote. “I’m one of a tiny minority of fans who say Bruce should have stayed broken, stayed dead, or retired.”

That said, it’s something most fans wouldn’t agree with. Azrael took over at one point and most fans hated that. The only time many readers got a replacement was when Dick Grayson took over from Batman. For most fans, the original heroes are the only real choices for these big names.

9 Long Halloween is overrated

Batman investigates in The Long Halloween.

Batman: Along Halloween is widely regarded as one of the best Batman storylines of all time. On Reddit, @ wendigo72 wrote that “Long Halloween is a bit overrated imo. Eye of the Beholder is a much better Two Face origin.”

And while that might be true for some, most wouldn’t agree as it featured a great story revealing how her rascal gallery came together and was a great TwoFace origin story. Most people liked Along Halloween and it’s just released as a two-part animated film in 2021.

8 Batman doesn’t have to be dark

Batman bringing Dick Grayson into his war.

Batman was starting to decline in sales in the early ’80s, and DC Comics revived their longtime superhero when Frank Miller and other writers arrived, made him darker, and created what would become The Dark. Knight. In a Reddit thread, @CactusHamn wrote that “Batman doesn’t have to be dark and brooding. There is room for all kinds of interpretations.”

That said, part of the complaints in the ’70s and’ 80s was that Batman was too silly at times and it hurt the character. When he got dark Batman bounced back and when writers try to lighten things up it usually ends with bad reactions.

7 Talia al Ghul is better than Catwoman

Batman and Catwoman and Talia Al Ghul.

Batman has had a few important romantic relationships in his life, but by far the most important was with Catwoman. From their first fights to the time Batman proposed, she was the most important woman in his life. @ Cesar0fr0me posted on Reddit that Talia al Ghul was “a more interesting love interest” than Catwoman.

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That said, Bruce Wayne’s relationship with Talia al Ghul has always been toxic, even though it resulted in a child as Damian Wayne. Batman’s former love interest even went completely evil and killed his son.

6 Batman can’t beat Superman

Batman fights Superman.

The hallmark of Batman is that he can beat anyone, regardless of their power level, if they have enough time to plan for it. On Reddit, @chimppider doesn’t like the idea and wrote that “the whole point of Batman is that Superman can kick his ass **”.

That said, most fans agree that Batman’s ability to create a contingency plan to beat anyone, including his Justice League friends, is undeniable. Not only that, but Superman gave Batman what he needed to beat him in case he lost control.

5 Batman has too many sidekicks

Batman and his Bat-Family allies.

The Bat-Family is very important in the Batman comics. @ Lucky_Strike-85 doesn’t like the Bat-Family and wrote that “Batman has way too many sidekicks, his artists don’t follow the pattern set by modern Batman architects” and “he looks like a different character”.

Batman has worked with a Robin since 1940 and has used several young men in this role over the years. Add Batgirl and Batwoman, both of whom have been around since the Golden Age, and her sidekicks are nothing new. That said, the number of sidekicks has grown huge when it comes to the most important members of the Bat-Family.

4 The murderous joke is overrated

Joker laughing in the Killing Joke.

The murderous joke is one of the greatest Joker stories and one of the landmark Batman stories ever written. An unpopular opinion on Reddit got @ Jacknero99 to write that “The Killer Joke is Overrated”.

With that in mind, there are several fans who adore him, praising him as the definitive Joker origin story. Despite several detractors based on the Barbara Gordon set, the story received critical praise, showing how far Batman’s most powerful enemy, Joker, would go to drive Commissioner Gordon mad. It also proved how strong Gordon was at the end.

3 Red Hood should always be a villain

Red Hood fights Batman.

There have been many Robins over the years in the Batman comics, but the one who is considered the worst is often Jason Todd and Joker killed him. When Jason returned from the grave, he had a chance to kill Joker, but Batman stopped him. @Kugelfischmeister wrote on Reddit that “Jason Todd / Red Hood should have remained a villain”.

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Most fans hated Jason as Robin, but they loved him as Red Hood. That said, Jason had to turn away from crime to receive the redemption he deserved, especially after fans voted to originally kill him. Either way, he never became a good guy, working as an anti-hero while helping the Bat-Family.

2 Frank Miller is not a good Batman writer

Frank Miller Batman art.

Frank Miller wrote what many consider to be the greatest Batman story of all time in The return of the dark knight. It saw a retired Batman come out of retirement as an older man and try to save Gotham City while battling Joker, the GCPD, and a government-sanctioned Superman. @ epod36 wrote on Reddit that he thought “Frank Millar sucks at writing Batman”.

While some fans agree with him, based on Miller’s recent work, the writer created what many consider to be the stories that helped save Batman and achieve his greatest popularity. It was Miller’s Batman stories that influenced both Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder’s work with the Dark Knight.

1 Azrael was an awesome Batman

Azrael as Batman fight.

When Bane broke Batman’s back, DC didn’t put Robin in the cape and hood. Instead, the role went to Azrael. It didn’t last and one person who wasn’t ready for Azrael’s departure was @ DeathLight7000, who wrote on Reddit that “Azreal was an awesome Batman.”

Most fans hated Azrael as Batman. The former hero got lost under the pressure of working as a Caped Crusader. He started to brutalize the criminals. He beat Tim Drake and nearly killed Nightwing to keep his role as Batman. When Bruce Wayne finally returned, fans were more than ready to get rid of the new guy.

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Damian Wayne and Deathstroke.

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