10 things about movies comic book readers know that movie-only fans don’t


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a game-changer when it comes to movie franchises and comic book movies in general. The wealth of stories creators can draw from means that everything from comics doesn’t end up in the movies, but knowing comics can add another layer to the experience.

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Sometimes those deeper cuts leave comic book fans wanting more of the source material. Sometimes MCU fans wonder what’s the deal with that cameo or name. Whether a fan knows the whole story or not, there is always something pleasant about it, and there are always clues as to what’s to come.

ten If an Avenger has a baby, Dr. Strange will likely deliver it

A woman with a small blue package watches as a doctor looks confused and tries to explain why he didn't know the woman had twins.

While it’s not clear whether Dr Strange studied obstetrics during his medical career, he appears to be the go-to for medical advice on overpowered deliveries. He delivered the Wanda Maximoff twins and didn’t notice their magical properties. He also gave birth to Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s daughter, Dani.

It probably won’t show up in the MCU. It’s a comic book quirk, where Dr. Strange is often the only medical professional on hand, though that’s not his specialty. Considering that many of these Avenger kids have already been born or come from less traditional ways, the right doctor probably won’t have to deal with this onscreen.

9 Clint Barton – the greatest sniper in the circus

The MCU version of Hawkeye has yet to show much story in the movies. Although this may change with the Hawk Eye upcoming series on Disney +, much of its history is a mystery to MCU fans only. Clint’s brother, his time as a circus performer – that’s how he got the nickname Hawkeye in the first place – none of it was shown.

The life we’ve seen seems more based on the Ultimate Universe – having a family and a wife – but it seems to have a much happier ending than the one in those comics.

8 Nick Fury’s father is… Nick Fury

When Marvel revamped their classic universe in the early 2000s, they based a new version of Nick Fury on Samuel L. Jackson, with the agreement that if the character appeared in a movie, Mr. Jackson would play him. It obviously worked well for Marvel, but in 2012 they introduced a film-aligned version of Nick Fury.

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Enter Nick Fury Jr. The long lost biracial son of the original Nick Fury. In War injuries, readers were introduced to him and his best friend Phil “Cheese” Coulson as they both fought Leviathan and eventually joined SHIELD.

7 Captain America fought with Wolverine in WWII

Wolverine met Bucky and Captain America in WWII

Most of the war was shown in a montage in Captain America: The First Avenger, so it’s hard to say without whom Steve Rogers and the Howling Commandos worked during this time. In the comics, however, Cap has fought alongside many heroes who have yet to appear in the MCU.

Wolverine is the biggest name on this list, and his history with Cap is complicated, even more so when Bucky’s story as the Winter Soldier is pictured, but there has always been mutual respect between Wolverine. and Cap.

6 Black Widow and the Winter Soldier

Two Russian agents fall in love and are punished for it, forced to forget about it and end up coming back together to the side of good. This is the story of Natasha and Bucky in the comics, but the MCU has given little clues that this relationship important to the two exists.

Given that mental wipes and conditioning were a large part of the two characters’ stories, it’s still possible that the historical ties that Natasha Romanoff and Bucky Barnes shared during the Cold War could emerge, though it’s unlikely.

5 Tony Stark has a brother

arno stark ironman 2020

To call the Stark Family dynamic complicated would be an understatement in the MCU, but in the comics it turns into a web of lies and cover-ups that can be hard to cut, even for a genius like Tony.

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Tony Stark was adopted as a decoy to cover up the serious health issues that the Starks’ biological son, Arno, suffered from. Arno only managed to survive birth due to extraterrestrial interference, and he has spent most of his life battling his illnesses. That didn’t stop him from trying to unify robotic and organic life on earth, however, and Tony ultimately had to put him in a simulation to save his life and the individuality of every being on earth.

4 Hulk will live forever

The Hulk - a tall green humanoid - crouches down and contemplates that he's the last living person on the planet.

While MCU fans are aware that Bruce Banner tried to end his life and failed, they might not know how complete the Hulk’s resurrection powers are. Comic book fans recently learned that the Hulk is indeed immortal.

It might not have come as a surprise when writer Al Ewing revealed it, as the Hulk has returned from a few extreme deaths throughout its history. In fact, Hulk: the end confirmed that, in at least one universe, the Hulk would be the last living human in the universe.

3 The Grand Master and the Collector are more than they appear

a group of humanoid aliens stand in front of a shiny blue background.

As Elders of the Universe – beings beyond the ordinary comprehension of mere mortals – the Grand Master and the Collector are the last surviving beings of the cultures that evolved shortly after the Big Bang. They are immortal and have survived not only their species, but their home galaxies.

Neither character has a solid backstory in the MCU yet, but there are clues to who and what they are. As the MCU delves deeper into the ancient history of the universe through the eternal, it is possible that the Sages of the Universe will be told their story.

2 Asgardians reincarnate after Ragnarok

While the Loki series showed the death toll Thor: Ragnarok event, that’s not the whole story in the comics. There the event is cyclical, recurring over and over again with the dying gods being reborn to start all over again.

In the comics, this is how Lady Loki appeared, with the God of Evil hijacking the body intended for Lady Sif to play with Thor. The cycle was perpetuated by a council of beings who fed on the energies released by Ragnarok until Loki managed to outsmart them when the multiverse died.

1 Roxxon is evil, even for a giant company

A large sign at the top of a building with red capital letters reads "Roxxon".

Roxxon is a multinational corporation that has been shown throughout the MCU, from a gas station in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer” to a mega-market in Loki. That might be enough for some to call them bad, but it’s much worse. Roxxon has important ties to Hydra and the Winter Soldier program.

Its owner, Aleksander Lukin, was a high-ranking KGB agent, one of the men who controlled the Winter Soldier and, thanks to comic book science, shared his body with the consciousness of the Red Skull. The two villains used the resources of Roxxon and its affiliate Kronos for their evil plans and as cover for their villainy. Roxxon is also an opponent of the Champions after organizing re-education camps.

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