10 Teen Titans Comics You Should Read If You Like Tom Taylor’s Nightwing

Nightwing is one of the most beloved characters in the DC Universe. He has the same tragic history as Bruce Wayne, but rises above it to be someone who shines a light on the DCU. More recently, Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo released one of the best titles in the DC Universe with their run on the character.

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Recently, Dick Grayson even worked with the Titans to fix a problem in his personal life. It was a refreshing scene, but currently Taylor and Redondo aren’t working on a Teen Titans book. Still, there are still great books that feature Titans action, and plenty where Dick is front and center, even if he isn’t the team’s leader.

ten Titan Vol. 1: Wally West’s Return Reunites The Original Titans

The Titans team, led by Nightwing, from the Titans Rebirth comic

The Renaissance series of Titans gets some flak in the latter parts of his storyline. But in the beginning, with “Return of Wally West”, it’s a phenomenal comic. It’s the first time in years that the Titans have been able to come together without getting bogged down in battles against the same old enemies. This time around, the story focuses on Wally West’s return at the end of DC Universe Rebirth, and how he fits into the life of the Titans. Although the central villain is Abra Kadabra, the real story of the book is how the Titans react to their history being restored.

9 Teen Titans Vol. 1: A children’s game introduces the next generation of Titans

Teen Titans Child's Play

Not all Teen Titans stories have to be about the originals. This series was centered on a meeting between the old and the new. Half of the Titans stick around to mentor the former Young Justice team, putting the “Teen” back into Teen Titans, with the heroes only able to spend time together on weekends when their schoolwork is done. This series redefined DC’s younger generation of heroes for the latter half of the 2000s, and brought characters like Starfire and Cyborg back into the limelight as superhero advisors.

8 The Titans Vol. 1 (1999) presents a more innocent but modern version of these heroes

The Grayson Titans

Devin Grayson Titans run gets a lot of flak unnecessarily. Compared to the Titans races that would come later, it’s not just good, it’s awesome. It features the Titans agreeing to reform after years of disbanding, just in time to face new threats. It nails all the different character voices, and it feels good to see the team working together again as adults. After this run ended, it would be a while before readers had a good Titans run that didn’t focus on youngsters.

seven Teen Titans Lost Annual sends the heroes into space


Teen Titans: Lost Annual was a story published in 2008 by Teen Titans creator Bob Haney and artist Jay Stephens. It’s a fun Silver Age story that features the Teen Titans rescuing JFK from the aliens who kidnapped him and replaced him with a shape-shifting doppelganger.

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This sends the team on an adventure into space to battle an entire alien race. They even have to convince JFK to return to Earth after being mind controlled to help the aliens, known as Ullustran, win a war against their enemies.

6 Teen Titans: Year One shows the first year of the original Teen Titans

teen titans first year

Have you ever wondered how the Teen Titans started? Ever wanted to read this without reading the dialogue from the late 60s? Well that’s what Teen Titans: Year One is for. Amy Wolfram, one of the writers of Teen Titans cartoon, worked with Karl Keschl and Serge Lapointe for a six-issue miniseries centered around the Titans’ first year together. There’s no massive team here – it’s Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Speedy, Kid Flash and Robin. This is an opportunity to focus on the originals and some of their first major challenges. What’s not to like?

5 New Teen Titans: Crossroads Sees Two Titans Trying To Quit The Team

Teen Titans Crossroads

Number 39, “Crossroads”, is an important issue for New Teen Titans the story. It takes place a little before the Judas contract and shows Terra hanging out with Deathstroke before his betrayal. But the real objective is that Wally West decides to leave the team while Dick Grayson is about to hang up Robin’s mantle before becoming Nightwing. It’s an issue that shows how much the Titans mean to each other, as it was an issue that would never have been part of the Justice League during the same time frame.

4 A Day In The Lives shows the Titans in their spare time

New Teen Titans 8 - A Day in the Life

It’s not often, but sometimes superheroes are allowed to show their lives outside of their costumed adventures. New Teen Titans did this with issue #8, A Day In The Lives.

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Here it shows the downtime of the heroes in the Teen Titans. Starfire gets her first real job, Cyborg finds purpose, and Kid Flash spends time with his parents. It’s exactly the kind of character-building stuff that makes fans so attached to these characters in the first place. For anyone who’s ever wanted to read what the Teen Titans are like when they live among normal people, that’s the problem.

3 New Teen Titans Vol. 1 shows the origin of the most popular version of the team

New Teen Titans 1 cover.

It’s not where the group started, but it’s where the Teen Titans really broke out in terms of popularity. After years apart, the team has reunited again, this time with several new members. Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven all joined the original cast to form the New Teen Titans. This book will last nearly a decade, through many series. He transformed these characters into the heroes people know today and made their book one of the biggest on the stands.

2 New Teen Titans: Who Is Donna Troy Gives Donna Troy A Much Needed Origin Story

Donna Troy has such a complex origin that most stories overlook her entirely. The Titans The TV show is the first time mainstream media has attempted to include her as a main character in anything, and part of that is due to her messy backstory. But it has not always been so. The scenario “Who is Donna Troy?” manages to define this character, while also showing how much the other team members cared about her. It’s a multi-issue arc that allows him to wrap up his backstory… which lasts until Crisis on Infinite Earths spoil everything.

1 Marvel and DC Present: The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans Set the Titans Alongside the X-Men for Two Massive Threats

Uncanny X-Men and the new Teen Titans

Crossovers between DC and Marvel were common at one point. Or at least they were certainly more common than they are now. Characters like Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, and Hulk would come together for brief unique crossovers that recognized each other’s universes. The biggest of them was Weird X-Men and New Teen Titans, where the creators of the two teamed up for an oversized issue that saw the two teams battle two of either universe’s most serious threats. This issue helped readers of each series see what made the other team so cool.

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