10 strongest Marvel characters Shang-Chi beat in the comics

A skilled martial artist, Shang-Chi apparently entered the Marvel Universe from an entirely different genre. He is a character inspired by oriental tales of inheritance and power, representing a segment of the American population that still lacks ever-respectful representations in entertainment.

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Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings debuted in the midst of a pandemic to record box office numbers. Such a demonstration demonstrates the strength of the Kung Fu Master not only in appeal but in prowess. The film sees him defeat an enemy worthy of the Mandarin, but Shang-Chi has challenged many others in his comic book catalog.

ten Shang-Chi takes revenge on the farce

Shang-Chi kills the charlatan

Heroes who stray are a touchy subject, especially in the generally family-friendly Marvel Cinematic Universe. The franchise’s last solo hero, however, allowed Revenge to corrupt him in Heroes for hire # 15. Humbug, a former treacherous member of the team, first falls victim to an insectoid hive spirit that infects him and Shang-Chi initiates a rescue. Humbug betrays another member of the team, Tarentula, to the Hive Spirit by blaming her for the death of a newborn baby (which he himself had committed). Shang-Chi, fallen in love with Tarentula, takes revenge on his old friend by murdering him.

9 Shang-Chi dethrones Sister Hammer

Shang-Chi vs. Sister Hammer

Known as Sister Hammer in the Shang-Chi comically, Shi-Hua seeks the death of his brother in order to maintain control of their father’s organization, the Five Weapons Society. She equals her brother in ferocity and skill, but is ultimately dethroned by him. As Shang-Chi allows him to escape in the end, he rids a dangerous sect of his vengeful leader and takes the mantle himself, securing victory.

8 Shang-Chi has conquered

shang-chi fight shang-chi

Fresh out of his duel with the Gorgon Dragon, Shang-Chi explores the city of Kobe, Japan, where he experiences a vision brought on by strange matter emanating from the remains.

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He participates in a dojo fight against a dark reflection of himself, a typical storytelling device meant to elicit introspection. Often the deadliest enemy comes from within.

seven The bride of the nine spiders

Shang-Chi vs. Bride of Nine Spiders

An imaginative story that sees regular New Yorkers develop spider-like powers, Spider island encompassed many heroes and teams. Kung-Fu Deadly Hands # 1-3 explores events from Shang-Chi’s perspective, where he experiences nightmares of being a spider and attacking innocent people. He witnesses the capture of his friend Iron Fist and attacks the kidnapper, the bride of the nine spiders. While the villain turns out to be just a pawn of a larger enemy, it still proves a challenge for Shang-Chi. The bride is able to manipulate chi, among other gruesome talents, contrasting her perfectly with Iron Fist and Shang-Chi.

6 Shang-Chi strangled Aleph

Shang-Chi destroys Aleph's leg

Shang-Chi … in space! Avengers # 1-3 tells the story of the most powerful on Earth in a stalemate with the forces of Mars, especially the inhabitants of the Garden. Aleph is a huge automaton guardian of this place and his goal, designed by the Builders, is to purge the universe of unworthy species. The mechanical juggernaut meets its equal in the Kung Fu Master, who effortlessly paralyzes the robot’s leg. Additionally, Aleph is then vaporized by Captain Universe, whom he mistakes for an impostor. The lack of superhuman abilities doesn’t seem to limit his potential in the Marvel Universe, as Shang-Chi demonstrates.

5 Shang-Chi defeated the Gorgon

Shang-Chi fighting a dragon

Avengers World sees Shang-Chi fighting a dragon in melee, courtesy of Pym Particles and a ritual performed by the Gorgon and the Hand. With the city of Hong Kong at their feet, fighters clash as civilians scramble for safety.

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He defeats the dragon and, for good measure, throws the Gorgon’s base several miles from his original home in Madripoor. A fantastic finale worthy of an Avengers tale, Shang-Chi’s Duel explains why he’s such a dangerous opponent, and alludes to the sets available for the MCU’s adaptation.

4 Shang-Chi foiled Zheng Zu

Zheng zu

Alongside Moon Knight, Steve Rogers, and Valkyrie, Shang-Chi’s Secret Avengers foiled his father Zheng Zu’s attempts to resurrect himself with his son’s life force. Part of a 5-part story arc starting with Secret avengers # 6, Shang-Chi’s encounter with his father echoes what the character faces in the 2021 film. Zheng Zu is shown to be a threat to Shang-Chi’s physical and spiritual well-being and is without doubt the archenemy of the character. His team with familiar Marvel characters demonstrates the martial artist’s own status within the Marvel Universe.

3 Shang-Chi helped imprison Ai Apaec

Ai Apaec and Shang-Chi

After sending the Bride of the Nine Spiders, the real threat reveals itself: Ai Apaec, the self-proclaimed chimera god of South America. A formidable foe possessing superhuman levels of strength amidst arachnid-like abilities, Shang-Chi struggles to bring him down on his own; considering that his recent defeat of the bride is concomitant with this new threat. Never the type to hesitate to do what’s right, Shang-Chi helps everyone evacuate before they collapse the building on top of the villain. Fortunately, the Avengers are able to imprison him after the battle.

2 Shang-Chi took Sindr

Shang-Chi vs. a Sindr goon

With the help of new ATLAS agents and Captain Marvel, Shang-Chi faces a cosmic threat in War of the Kingdoms: New Agents of ATLAS. Sindr is a fierce enemy that justifies Thor and Asgard to oppose her. She is Surtur’s daughter who chose a cauldron of flame instead of a mountain of food.

Despite the villain’s influence, Shang-Chi fearlessly confronts his forces and trains an entire squadron to fight them. Sindr is ultimately defeated, in large part thanks to the guidance given by the Kung Fu Master.

1 Shang-Chi foils Spider-Man

Shang-Chi vs. Spider-Man

A brief brawl with the web-slinger proves that Shang-Chi isn’t just intimidating due to his fighting ability – his intelligence breeds strategic perspective for any particular situation. In another example of Shang-Chi’s accounts with his father, the villainous King Wild Man infects Spider-Man with Yeren Root.

The plant momentarily transforms the hero into a towering Yeren, a mythological being related to Bigfoot. Shang-Chi and his partner, Sister Dagger, manage to dodge the damage while trying to find a way to avoid fighting their friend. Eventually, they remove the root and Spidey returns to normal, but the episode demonstrates Shang-Chi’s perceptual instincts.

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