10 most powerful versions of the Lizard in Spider-Man comics

The latest trailer for Spider-Man: No Path Home confirmed to fans that The Lizard The Amazing Spider-Man the movie starring Andrew Garfield is back. This version of Dr. Curt Connors isn’t the only one seen in the Spider-Man movies, and there are even more powerful versions of the classic villain in the Marvel Comics multiverse.

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While many comedic versions of The Lizard share the same basic abilities, some have key differences that set them apart from others. Some of them inspired the movie version of the character and could potentially inspire other iterations that could appear in the MCU’s expanding multiverse.

ten Earth-616

Spider-Man fights the Lizard in Marvel Comics.

Comic book fans know The Lizard is one of Spider-Man’s best villains, first appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man # 6 in 1963. He is also one of the most powerful. The lizard not only had superhuman strength and speed, but was extremely durable due to its thick, scaly skin.

In addition to his durability, his ability to regenerate after injury made him very difficult to hurt or neutralize. Dr. Curt Connors also had the ability to communicate with other reptiles telepathically and in some cases order them to do whatever he wanted.

9 Renew your vows

Spider-Man fights The Lizard and his son in Marvel Comics.

There are two versions of The Lizard in Earth-18119, the reality of Renew your vows cartoon scenario. Dr. Curt Connors and his son William share the same powers as the Earth-616 version, including micro-scales on their hands and feet that allow them to stick to surfaces like some real-world lizards.

William Connors is more like an iguana in appearance than his father, and in this version of events, struggles to maintain his human personality much more than Dr. Connors, an inverse of the dynamics of Earth-616.


8 Lizard Peter Parker

Peter Parker becomes a lizard in Spider-Verse

One of the more powerful versions of The Lizard is also one of the more powerful alternate versions of Spider-Man. In Earth-65, Spider-Gwen’s native reality, Peter Parker becomes The Lizard. He acquires all the powers and abilities of the classic villain, including razor sharp claws. These allow him to continue climbing walls, despite the fact that he was not bitten by a radioactive spider.

Peter Parker’s native intelligence also plays an important role in the development of the lizard formula on his own and without any training or experience Dr. Connors needed to create his own. This potentially makes him even more dangerous than Connors.

7 1602

The lizard is on a leash in 1602 comics.

The Lizard’s version of 1602 Alternate Reality in the comics has essentially the same powers as the original, but developed its Lizard formula from dinosaur eggs, giving it the appearance and physical attributes of the Velociraptor.

While the lizard has superhuman strength and speed as a base, the velociraptor likely exceeds that by being able to run up to 40 miles per hour, as well as bite through scaly skin and strong bones.

6 Billy Connors

Billy Connors becomes the lizard in Marvel Comics.

Billy Connors is the son of Dr. Curt Connors who possesses all of the powers and abilities of his father. These include superhuman agility and reflexes, making him as fast and deadly as the original Lizard. He differed from his father in that Billy could keep his agency in lizard form, which Curt Connors always struggled to do.

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Billy Connors gained his powers when he was injected with the same special Lizard formula his father developed and used on himself, after a series of tragic events in which Billy developed cancer.

5 Ultimate Comics

The Lizard attacks in Ultimate Comics.

The Earth-1610 version of The Lizard from the Ultimate Comics universe is generally the same in terms of abilities and powers as its 616 counterpart, including the long tail it uses as a weapon. The lizard can whip its reptilian tail so hard and fast that it can smash concrete or shatter bones, which makes close combat with it very dangerous.

This iteration of the character stands out from the rest for his intelligence. While all versions are generally highly intelligent, the Ultimate Curt Connors knew no bounds in dangerous science. This led to him accidentally creating the Ultimate Carnage symbiote.

4 Lizard-Ock

The Lizard attacks with the weapons of Doctor Octopus in Marvel Comics.

The version of the Lizard in Captain America and the Black Widow # 639 is also one of the more powerful versions of Doctor Octopus. This form of the character, known as the Lizard-Ock, resides in Earth-12128. He possesses all the powers of the Lizard as well as the mechanical tentacles of Doctor Octopus, giving him an even greater offensive capacity.

This variant of the character eventually used his considerable powers for good. After being freed from his brainwashing by Captain America and Black Widow, he joined them to fight the Vennema Multiversal.

3 The Lizard King

Old Man Logan attacks a Lizard agent in Marvel Comics.

The Lizard King is a version of the character from the Old Man Logan universe, one of Marvel Comics’ darker future timelines. On Earth-807128, The Lizard rules a large part of Florida, where Spider-Man originally discovered him pursuing his dangerous serum. Its power and influence are much greater in this reality than in any other.

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The Lizard King also uses his spell on the many citizens of his kingdom, ostensibly healing their wounds and other ailments. Due to its ability to control other reptiles, the presence of the serum in other people makes them potentially sensitive to its control.

2 Exiles

Martha Connors is the comic strip The Lizard in the Exiles.

Martha Connors is just one version of The Lizard from Earth-21117, visited in Exiles # 17 in 2002. That’s because this version has the ability to infect others with the serum that makes her the lizard. The infection works much like a zombie virus, with each newly infected host transmitting the physiology of the lizard to another.

Since the Lizards were able to procreate, they quickly multiplied even more, which allowed the Lizards to control much of the United States in this grim alternate reality.

1 Marvel zombies

The Lizard is destroyed by Galactus in the Marvel Zombies comics.

The Lizard’s ability to regenerate and heal from almost any injury makes him one of Spider-Man’s most dangerous villains. Perhaps the most powerful variant is the one that cannot die. In the Marvel Zombies universe, The Lizard is infected with the zombie virus that is ravaging the Earth, just like almost every other hero and villain is in Robert Kirkman’s original comic book.

Unable to die but retaining all his intelligence and superhuman powers, this version of the Lizard is more than dangerous. He was only defeated by the cosmic power of Galactus in Marvel zombies # 4.

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