10 Hilarious Tricks Spider-Man Used In His Early Comics

Spider-Man has been a beloved superhero for decades. Between his lively humor, incredible abilities, strong family ties, and intriguing enemies, there’s always been something for everyone. But every hero has his little beginnings.

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Before accomplishing great feats like saving the entire world, fighting alongside the Avengers, or traveling to other distant realities as Spider-Man, Peter Parker was just a young hero trying to figure out who he was. And he wasn’t the only one. Marvel was also testing its new hero to see what tactics and abilities would “stick” to its audience. These early stunts are guaranteed to put a smile on readers’ faces.

ten Defensive web column

In issue 5 of The Amazing Spider-Man (1963), the Web-Head found himself facing the infamous Doctor Doom, sworn enemy of the Fantastic Four. Doom had kidnapped Flash Thompson, Peter Parker’s teenage bully, after seeing him walking around in a Spider-Man costume, mistaking him for the real deal. During his battle against Doctor Doom, Spider-Man found himself put on defense against the villain’s laser blasts. The hero quickly devised a plan and created a huge web column for himself to take cover. Spider-Man’s tactical retreat earned him a few seconds of silence to craft his own long-range weapons, pelting Doom with web-filled bullets.

9 Antifreeze Web Shield

Spider-Man creates a Web-Shield to protect himself from falling ice

During the same battle against Doctor Doom in issue #5 of The Amazing Spider-Man (1963), Spider-Man has found himself in the crosshairs of a death trap. Doctor Doom had a mysterious liquid that instantly froze anything it touched stored in the ceiling.

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Spider-Man’s spider-sense warned him of impending danger, and Spider-Man prepared his defense. Just as the trap popped, Spider-Man fashioned a web shield above his head to catch anything that fell. The shield held the instant freezing liquid at bay, granting the hero time to make their next move.

8 Electric web line

Spider-Man saves himself by electrocuting Doctor Doom

Continuing his fight in issue 5 of The Amazing Spider-Man (1963), Spider-Man has discovered another death trap. After conquering the flames Doom sent him, Spider-Man attempted to cut off Doom’s output. But before Spider-Man’s spider-sense could warn him, Doctor Doom activated the tiles under the hero’s feet.

Electricity courses through the ground and Spider-Man quickly loses his strength. Determined not to give in to the pain, Spider-Man tied a web to Doctor Doom, hoping the web could act as a current. His gamble paid off and Doom fell victim to his own device. Unable to handle the electrocution, Doctor Doom turned off the device, freeing them both.

7 Flame Retardant Fireproof Umbrella

Spider-Man uses a web umbrella to walk through the flames

In The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) Number 12, Spider-Man was in pursuit of Doctor Octopus. His final battle against the villain ended with Spider-Man being defeated and his mask removed by his victorious foe. Luckily, his poor performance in battle convinced everyone that Peter Parker tried to protect Spider-Man by taking the hero’s place against Doc Ock.

This time, Spider-Man was in top form. Their battle raged all over town, culminating in the grand finale at a high-rise studio. The studio caught fire and Doc Ock was pinned under the debris. Seemingly trapped himself, Spider-Man created a web umbrella to ward off the flames and wove pieces of web to protect his feet. Spider-Man escaped and Doctor Octopus was defeated.

6 flying web-bat

Spider-Man creates a Web-Bat to distract his stalker

Quite accustomed to bad guys chasing him, Spider-Man was surprised when his civilian identity, Peter Parker, acquired a stalker. In an intriguing development in issue 20 of The Amazing Spider-Man (1963), J. Jonah Jameson hired Mac Gargan (later to become the villain known as Scorpion) to follow Peter Parker. Jameson hoped Gargan would find out how Peter always got such great photos of Spider-Man.

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Once home and aware of his stalker, Peter found he had a dilemma. He was meant to become Spider-Man, but if Gargan saw Spider-Man leave Peter Parker’s house, the template would be in place. Spider-Man’s solution was to recycle a prank he used on Johnny Storm, The Human Torch, back in The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) Number 8. He pulled a bat out of a strap and sent it flying past his stalker. Taking the bait, the stalker was distracted long enough for Spider-Man to escape his house unnoticed.

5 Spider-Sense radio receiver

Chameleon uses radio frequency to communicate with Spider-Man via Spider-Man's Spider-Sense

Spider-Man’s first use of his spider-sense was in The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) Number 1. However, its application was rather unique. Rather than warning him of danger, Spider-Man’s spider-sense instead acted as a sort of receiving antenna. The chameleon villain was determined to frame Spider-Man for his next crime.

The Chameleon speculated that since Spider-Man had spider-related abilities, he could contact the hero through a frequency known to the spiders. His intuition turned out to be correct. Peter Parker received the Chameleon’s message, although he doesn’t know who the sender was. Although initially fooled by the scheme, Spider-Man later prevailed.

4 Impeccable Spider Tracking

Spider-Man uses his spider-sense to track a helicopter and a hotel room

Spider-Man’s spider-sense also gave Spider-Man some impressive tracking skills. After discovering the chameleon’s trick in The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) Number 1, Spider-Man used his spider-sense to locate the Chameleon’s helicopter. Even though the Chameleon had flown away several minutes before, Spider-Man was able to locate the villain and stop him. Spider-Man used the technique similarly in issue #3 of the same series. On this occasion, Spider-Man was looking for Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. After locating the hotel Johnny was staying in, Spider-Man then used his spider-sense to determine the specific room.

3 Waterproof web headset

Spider-Man makes a web helmet to swim underwater

Spider-Man found himself accused of criminal activity again in issue #13 of The Amazing Spider-Man (1963). Spider-Man tracked the real culprit, Mysterio, to the Brooklyn Bridge. Despite his best efforts, Spider-Man lost to Mysterio and was forced to retreat, plunging into the East River. As police helicopters approached and his name was still associated with the robberies, Spider-Man had to devise an escape plan. His solution took the form of a tight-fitting canvas helmet designed to help him hold his breath while swimming. His plan worked, allowing him to dive under the waves and out of sight.

2 Life size spider puppet

Spider-Man controls his suit like a puppet from a far ledge

In issue 25 of The Amazing Spider-Man (1963), Spider-Man has found himself cornered by a threat of his own making. Knowing how much J. Jonah Jameson despised Spider-Man, an inventor named Smythe approached Jameson with a robot that could hunt and defeat Spider-Man. Confident that he could easily defeat such a machine, Peter Parker pushed Jameson to give the robot a chance. The tables quickly turned when the robot proved stronger than expected and trapped Spider-Man in its tentacle-like arms.

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Although Spider-Man figured out a way to escape, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease Jameson. Disabling the camera that allowed Jameson to watch the fight, Peter changed his suit and filled it with straps, turning him into a life-size puppet. Hiding on a nearby ledge, Peter made it seem like Spider-Man was still struggling. When Jameson arrived to unmask Spider-Man, he was rather disappointed.

1 Everglades Swamp-Shoes

Spider-Man Creates Swamp Shoes And Uses Them To Navigate The Everglades

One of the funniest displays of Spider-Man’s creativity resulted from a need to travel. Hearing of a man-sized lizard haunting the Florida Everglades, Peter Parker convinced J. Jonah Jameson to send it to Florida for photos. As Spider-Man, he discovered that the Lizard was none other than the scientist, Dr. Curtis Connors, who had recently gone missing. Promising Connors’ wife and son that he would find their father, Spider-Man found a way to track the Lizard through the Everglades. Fashioning floating swamp shoes for himself, Spider-Man set sail, paddling the river until he found the lizard.

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