10 Green Lantern comics to read in preparation for the HBO Max series


While the character has yet to make a splash in live-action, fans were excited by the news that HBO Max was developing a live-action series for the streaming network called The Green Lantern which would focus on a unique group of lanterns, led by Finn Wittrock as the popular but still unsuitable Guy Gardner.

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Gardner will be joined by other members of the Green Lantern Corps like Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz and the Silver Age GL Alan Scott as well as alien lanterns like Kilowog and Sinestro. With all of these largely unknown characters set to appear in The Green Lantern, it’s time to jump into comics and start preparing with some of their bigger storylines that could be adapted for the series.

ten The worst and best version of Guy Gardner starred in his own eponymous series

Guy Gardner with his yellow power ring

While Guy Gardner first appeared during the sequel Crisis on an infinite earthof the maxi-series and starred as a member of Justice League International, he really became to shine on his own in his eponymous Gerard Jones and Joe Staton series, which featured his rough personality at its most extreme.

The series explored his desire to be a hero even without the support of the GLC, which led to his use of a yellow Qwardian ring of power and an extremely 90’s costume. While the show’s low sales led to a drastic overhaul of Guy Gardner as an alien hero Warrior, it still serves as an introduction to the character that helps explain his status in the DCU.

9 JSA: The Golden Age explored Alan Scott’s struggles as Green Lantern after WWII

Cover of JSA The Golden Age

While he was originally considered one out of the continuity Elseworlds tale, James Robinson and Paul Smith JSA: the golden age has been partially canonized over the years to be part of the established history of characters like Alan Scott / Green Lantern.

Earth’s first human Green Lantern who was not affiliated with the GLC fought with his fellow heroes in WWII, though Golden age explored the time Alan Scott spent in court during the post-war McCarthyism era and the struggles he faced alongside the rest of the JSA.

8 Kilowog’s origin revealed in Blackest Night: Tales Of The Corps

Kilowog training with the Green Lantern Corps

Kilowog is an alien from Bolovax Vik who served for years as the head coach of the Green Lantern Corps, known for his tough but lovable style of training that helped prepare new Corps members to protect their areas of space. individual.

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Although he has appeared in a number of stories over the years, including some time working with the USSR, it is only The darkest night: tales of the body # 3 by Peter J. Tomasi and Chris Samnee that fans got to see his own training as a Green Lantern and the tragedy that led to his own future as a GLC drill instructor.

7 Sinestro joined the Green Lantern Corps in the new race 52

The inclusion of Sinestro in the HBO Max live-action series is very interesting, although it is not known what role the former Green Lantern will play in the series, as he was both the greatest hero. of the GLC and the most powerful enemy over the years.

Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke brought the character back to the GLC during the New 52 series of The Green Lantern as he was again chosen by a ring of power with the intention of helping him redeem himself for his past actions, which may play a role in the HBO Max series.

6 Guy Gardner and Kilowog begin to rebuild the GLC in “To Be A Lantern”

Kilowog and Guy Gardner in the Green Lantern Corps

Dave Gibbons and Patrick Gleason reunite Guy Gardner and Kilowog in Green Lantern Body as longtime friends began to piece the GLC back together after Hal Jordan returned for Green lantern: rebirth.

While the series introduced a few new members of the Corps, it’s likely those roles would be picked up by new heroes like Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz in HBO Max’s. The Green Lantern. Either way, the series is a fantastic look at Guy Gardner and Kilowog’s friendship that also explores their history as Lanterns without turning readers back decades.

5 Earth 2: The Gathering featured a younger, modernized version of Alan Scott

The New 52 reboot of the DC Universe introduced a new, younger version of Alan Scott along with a number of other JSA characters along with James Robinson and Nicola Scott. Earth 2 series, which featured a number of changes for the first Green Lantern.

Not only was Alan Scott revealed to be gay for the first time in DC history (a change that carried over to the original flipped version), but his abilities were also drastically altered to connect him more to Earth as as an avatar of Green and bearer of the elemental Green Flame as the protector of all life on the planet.

4 Simon Baz became a green lantern during the rise of the Third Army scenario

Simon Baz as Green Lantern

Simon Baz was the first new Green Lantern introduced in the New 52 era as he was chosen by the fused rings of Hal Jordan and Sinestro in the pages of Geoff Johns and The Green Lantern # 0 before making his regular series debut for the Rise of the Third Army scenario.

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Baz was immersed in fire almost immediately after becoming a Green Lantern, but he proved himself at the start of a big debut against the Deadly Third Army, dark versions of the GLC that could assimilate and corrupt new hosts to build. their army and ultimately take the living being.

3 Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz were paired as Earth Protectors in Green Lanterns

Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz as Green Lanterns

As Jessica Cruz made her comedic debut in the pages of Justice League and quickly joined the team as the Power Ring, she did not officially join the GLC until the last moments of the Darkseid War event, which could be a lot to explore ahead of the HBO Max series.

Thankfully, she teamed up with fellow rookie Simon Baz as protectors of the Earth in Sam Humphries and Robson Rocha. Green lanterns, which also recaps the origins of the characters before training them through extensive testing and combat to make them better members of the GLC.

2 Guy Gardner has become the leader of a powerful rival corps in the Red Lanterns

Guy Gardner as a red lantern

Guy Gardner’s relationship with the Green Lantern Corps hasn’t always been the most stable, as his established issues with authority have often seen him venture out on his own, or even see him join a rival corps.

After Guy Gardner was asked to go into hiding with Charles Soule’s Red Lanterns and Alessandro Vitti’s “The New Blood” script that ultimately saw Gardner challenge Atrocitus to become the new leader of the Red Lantern Corps as he attempted to guide the anger-filled body in a more useful direction while dealing with its own anger issues.

1 The Green Lantern Corps fought one of its own armies in the Sinestro Corps War

Sinestro and his power echo in the war of the Sinestro Corps

Sinestro’s role in HBO Max The Green Lantern fans are hoping that means we’ll finally see a live-action adaptation of the Sinestro Corps War, who saw the longtime Green Lantern villain form his own powerful body using the yellow energy of fear that was fueled by the dark avatar known as Parallax.

The Green Lantern Corps was forced to defend itself in all-out war with some of the worst and most dangerous Lantersn they’ve ever encountered, which would be the perfect showdown for the live-action series over the course of the series.

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