10 Comics To Read Before Watching Spider-Man: No Way Home

The MCU’s highly anticipated next installment Spider Man the series is finally here. Spider-Man: No Path Home teased comic book and movie fans over the past few months with tantalizing hints of what’s in store for everyone’s favorite web-slinger; as well as what the future may hold for the franchise.

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With rumors abounding that No way home will feature a cross between Peter Parker and the heroes and villains of beloved Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield movies, there’s never been a better time to revert to the source material Fans may remember why the character is a fan favorite in the first place.

ten Spider-Verse introduced many of the elements featured in the new movie

Spider-Man Spider-Verse cover.

If you liked the animation Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse movie and can’t wait to see how the Spider-Verse is used in a live-action setting, so look no further than Dan Slott’s 2014 series. Spider-Verse. That’s where it all started, crushing Parker with countless versions of Spider-Man from many different realities, and introducing dozens of all-new fan-favorite characters; most notable of all being Spider-Gwen.

A fun and action-packed adventure through the world of Spider-Man, Spider-Verse has become one of the character’s biggest story arcs in recent years. Ground Zero For everything we see on the big screen right now, there’s no better place to start than here.

9 Beyond is the current and changing story arc of the status quo

Spider-Man Beyond The Cover.

Fresh from the heels of shine Last leftovers bow, Beyond saw a whole new creative team take over the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man, and so far the results have been fantastic. Showing readers a hospitalized Peter Parker off duty and unable to continue as Spider-Man, it is up to his clone, Ben Reilly, to take over for the time being.

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Equipped with an all-new and all-powerful Spider-Suit developed and funded by the mysterious (and possibly sinister) Beyond Corporation, The Amazing Spider-Man gives us a glimpse of what Spider-Man’s life would be like if he were controlled and funded by a powerful conglomerate.

8 Superior Spider-Man shows readers just how brilliant Doc Ock can be

Spider-Man Doc Ock Top Swings.

With Doctor Octopus returning to the big screen, there’s never been a better time to revisit his greatest story arc in comics; Dan Slott’s The Superior Spider-Man. After the death of Peter Parker, it’s up to his nemesis, Otto Octavius, to take over from Spider-Man. In doing so, he becomes the greatest Spider-Man that ever existed.

A story filled with emotional twists and turns, as well as huge scenes of action and explosive fights; The Superior Spider-Man is one of the most beloved arcs in Dan Slott’s long tenure on Spider-Man. the Superior Spider-Man was so good that many fans still want Doc Ock back in the Spider-Suit, which is truly praise when it comes to replacing such an iconic character as Peter Parker.

seven Spider-Man: Life Story is a love letter that spans the character’s entire career

Spider-Man life story cover.

The phenomenal title of Chip Zdarsky Spider-Man: Life Story covers the entire history of the iconic character in real time, giving readers a portrayal of an older and aging Spider-Man. It’s fascinating to watch a superhero grow old alongside his readers, and it’s such a brilliant concept that it really demands to be experienced at least once.

Zdarsky is one of the brightest writers in the comic book business, and has been for many years. So to see him lend his voice to such a beloved character and treat him with such reverence makes Life story one of the best tracks in Peter Parker’s long and rich history.

6 No more Spider-Man! Is one of the most important stories in the history of the characters

Spider-Man No More Panel.

A major inspiration for Sam Raimi’s events Spider-man 2, Spider-Man: nothing more! sees Peter Parker debating whether to give up being a superhero, which is as iconic as it is defining. After receiving no respect for his exploits and constant battles against a growing roster of villains, Parker has had enough and throws his Spider-Suit in the trash.

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Once the costume is found, given to J. Jonah Jameson, and the Kingpin first appears, Peter realizes that he must put his own misfortunes aside and protect the city he loves. He is reminded once again that with great power comes great responsibility.

5 Kraven’s Last Hunt is one of the darkest comic book stories ever told

Spider-Man Kravens' last hunt.

In what will go down in history as one of the darkest but engaging stories ever told in the pages of Spider Man, Kraven’s Last Hunt is a relentless, terrifying take on the insanity of the web-slinger’s deadliest enemy. Not only is Spider-Man defeated by Kraven in this story, he really feels helpless and weak.

One of the most engaging, hard-to-suppress story arcs ever told, this is essential for anyone with even a fleeting interest in Spider-Man or Kraven. A definitive story that is still as disconcerting as it was when it was first published.

4 Spider-Man: Blue Is Tells Comic Book’s Greatest Love Story

Spider-Man blue homepage.

Featuring the creative power of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale bringing readers a story that is definitive and game-changing; Spider-Man: Blue is a perfect title for anyone who wants to know more about Peter Parker’s relationship with Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy.

Focus on Peter’s continued grief after losing Gwen; Blue is a heartwarming, touching story that shows a much more human side to the superhero. Spider-Man comics have never shied away from bringing romance and heartache – it’s never been done better, or with such mastery of the craft.

3 Great Power Kicks Readers Where It All Began

Spider-Man high powered cover.

Marvel’s first Spider-Man Epic collection The series, with its first 19 issues, is the perfect starting point if fans are looking to delve into Spidey’s long and rich history. Featuring his first appearance, along with those of his most iconic villains, the Epic collection the stories are timeless and still manage to excite after all these years.

With many stories adapted or used as inspiration for the different Spider Man movies over the years, it’s a fun trip down memory lane that also sheds light on some of the most important stories in the character’s history.

2 One more day is a controversial but important story

The cast of Spider-Man One More Day.

While he is almost unanimously despised by comic book fans; the events of An extra day are nonetheless incredibly important to the current status quo of Spider-Man comics. Despite its reputation, it has many elements that have been adapted for No coming home, which make it a must read.

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With shattering repercussions, the vibrations of which can still be felt in the Marvel Universe, An extra day was greatly criticized upon its release and continues to be so. It remains to be seen if including these elements in the MCU will have quite the same backlash, however, it will be very interesting to see how they are removed.

1 The night of Gwen Stacy’s death is the most essential story of all

Cover The Night Gwen Stacy is deceased.

Often regarded as one of the most important stories in Spider-Man history, The Amazing Spider-Man was not only a shocking watermark to the character but also to the medium in general.

For a comic, killing such a beloved character was far from the norm, and the fact that he sticks out made him even more impressive. This story went a long way in defining Parker, both as a character and as a hero, whose experiences have made him more determined than ever to protect the people he loves.

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