10 Comedy Superheroes Who Would Win Against Homelander

The boys season 3 is moving fast and has been greenlit for a 4th season. This season, fans see Butcher and the boys align themselves with their comic book counterparts by using Compound V, which temporarily grants them powers. It’s necessary because it’s hard to take on a homicidal Superman when you’re an average Joe.

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Today, we’re looking at the comic book superheroes who have a fighting chance against The Homelander and his super strength, superhuman durability, and heat-vision eyes. It’s evident in the comics and TV series that he’s unmatched. Well, he has a leaf in the comics, but let’s dive into ones that can go hand-in-hand with Homelander from other comic book universes.

While The Boys Have Little Hope Against Homelander, These 10 Supers Tell A Different Story

1) Doctor Strange

Boys Have No Magic (Image via Marvel Comics)
Boys Have No Magic (Image via Marvel Comics)

The first is the Sorcerer Supreme himself because magic is not an established ability in The boys‘ world. Thus, Homelander would be at a disadvantage if he encountered Doctor Strange. Frankly, Doctor Strange would wipe the floor with the leader of the Seven. He can think outside the box to solve any problem and has gone head-to-head with Thanos to save the multiverse.

Strange has a wide range of solutions at your fingertips. The easiest would be to send Homelander to another dimension that he has no chance of escaping. It took strange hours to find his way out of the mirror dimension into Spider-Man: No Coming Home.

2) Thief

One touch and Homelander is out (Image via Marvel Comics)
One touch and Homelander is out (Image via Marvel Comics)

The next step is obvious. Not only can Rogue match Homelander in strength, durability, and flight, but simple skin-to-skin contact would knock out the Übermensch. Not that Homelander wouldn’t fight because he’s tough enough to withstand Rogue’s draining power, but eventually, she would prevail.

It would be an entertaining fight as he would be on par with Superman and Zod from Steel man but with more blood and curse. Seeing Homelander’s face when he realizes he’s met someone more powerful and he’s not the only man in heaven would be sweet justice for everyone he’s wronged .

3) Invincible

It's Not Just a Child Image via Amazon Prime)
It’s Not Just a Child Image via Amazon Prime)

Mark Grayson might not look like a match against him The boys’ antagonist. He’s a teenager after all, he only survived Omni-man’s rampage because he chose not to kill his son and he doesn’t have heat vision. The boys’ Homelander would show no restraint against Invincible.

However, Mark overcame incredible odds in the comics and still came out on top. He fought legions of Viltrumites, which are this particular universe’s equivalent to Kryptonians, and even armies of himself. Homelander has never fought another person even remotely as strong as him.

4) Hulk

Homelander wouldn't like it when he's angry (Image via Marvel Comics)
Homelander wouldn’t like it when he’s angry (Image via Marvel Comics)

There is no contest here. It’s possible Homelander’s heat vision isn’t even in sync with the Hulk. When Hulk’s rage level was high enough, his strength was off the charts. At one point during “World War Hulk”, the green goliath stomped on the ground and shook the entire east coast of the United States. It’s infinitely more devastating than anything Homelander can cause.

Homelander wouldn’t know what to do if he ever met someone as strong as himself, let alone someone far more powerful. Hulk could quickly flip through the antagonist of The boys across the Atlantic Ocean.

5) Shazaam

Say his name (Image via DC Comics)
Say his name (Image via DC Comics)

The boys has no magic users in his universe, so Homelander has no discernible way to defend against them. Beyond that, Shazaam has been shown to perform incredible feats that Homelander could only dream of accomplishing. First of all, its speed is superior. Shazaam is known to travel at sublight speeds in space. Homelander can’t even fly in space.

Shazaam has the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the endurance of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury. His strength is also superior, which makes his punches something Homelander should avoid. Billy Batson, in the form of Shazaam, can move planets.

6) Franklin Richards

Reality is what he makes of it (Image via Marvel Comics)
Reality is what he makes of it (Image via Marvel Comics)

Nobody in The boys is on par with Franklin Richards, son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman. Few people in the Marvel Universe are on the same level as Franklin. He can make any thought of his come true. In Marvel, Franklin is considered an equal of the Celestials, close to divine beings.

Homelander is used to solving all his problems with his fists. That wouldn’t be the case against Franklin. Franklin would control Homelander’s mind, transport him to a place where he couldn’t harm anyone, or cause him to evaporate from existence.

7) Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider will circle around Homelander (Image via Marvel Comics)
Ghost Rider will circle around Homelander (Image via Marvel Comics)

Ghost Rider is an underrated hero in general. However, he could make quick work of just about anyone in The boys. His penitential gaze would send Homelander into a catatonic state. Homelander may be physically tough, but his spirit is weak. He cares about what others think of him and suffers from megalomania.

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If he were to experience all the terrible things he did to others and feel the torment he caused, it would shatter his psyche. It’s pretty clear that Homelander is no match for the supernatural. Then again, maybe a good punch to the chest from Ghost Rider could crumble him into a pile of bones.

8) View

Controlling its density will be a great strategy (Image via Marvel Comics)
Controlling its density will be a great strategy (Image via Marvel Comics)

It would be a fun fight to watch. It might not be a fair fight at all, but then again, it’s a fight Homelander could win if he can get the upper hand. Vision’s ability to manipulate his own density, however, is what gives him the upper hand. It can increase its density to become a stationary object or decrease it so that the Leader of the Seven cannot touch it.

9) Scarlet Witch

She put a spell on you (Image via Marvel Comics)
She put a spell on you (Image via Marvel Comics)

Wanda has been through several power shifts in the comics. She started out as a mutant with the ability to manipulate “luck” around her enemies. Eventually, she was given magical abilities to live up to her “witch” moniker, and then another writer came back to her as being primarily a mutant controlling a specific type of energy like her father, Magneto.

Whichever way you turn it, Wanda Maximoff could snap a finger and erase Homelander from existence. Though his mental state isn’t any more stable than Homelander’s and would likely become a high level threat, forcing the boys into action. However, they wouldn’t really match him since they are powerless.

10) Superman

No one in The Boys matches the original Superman (Image via DC Comics)
No one in The Boys matches the original Superman (Image via DC Comics)

The boys’ the antagonist is just a Superman proxy. Thus, Homelander would not live up to the original. Not only does Clark Kent have a more extensive arsenal of powers (X-ray vision, cold breath, and, depending on the iteration, solar flare), but his strength is greater than Homelander’s. This is evident in comic books and TV series.

In the comics, when The Seven goes on a mission to save a plane full of people, there’s not much he can do. He thinks hitting the tail will level him up, but instead sends him into the Brooklyn Bridge. In the show, he says there is nothing to push to transport the plane. Superman, on the other hand, has saved several airplanes in comics, movies, and TV shows like it’s a walk in the park.

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