10 best She-Hulk comic book numbers of the 2000s

The next she-hulk The Disney + streaming series will certainly draw on Jennifer Walters’ early Marvel Comics lore for its plot. It can also take inspiration from some of the best She-Hulk comic book acts of the 2000s, which connected her to some major storylines and characters who are now part of the MCU, such as Time Variance Authority and Hawkeye.

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Some of She-Hulk’s best comic book numbers of the 2000s also tie her to some of the biggest storylines of the time, including World war hulk, which could be a future event in the MCU. Many characters and events in the MCU have drawn inspiration from the comics of the first decade of the 21st century, and it’s more than likely that She-Hulk will follow her lead as she makes her live-action debut.


She-Hulk # 8

Jennifer Walters works in Marvel Comics.

she-hulk # 8 is a key issue of the 2000s where Jennifer Walters really develops her strength and power. She-Hulk has always been one of Marvel Comics’ most powerful Avengers, but during this issue, she realizes her true power lies in her human form.

She discovers that her power comes directly from her strength as Jennifer Walters, and the more strength Jennifer has, the more powerful She-Hulk. This greatly expands her powers in the comics and positions her to take on bigger and bigger enemies.

She-Hulk # 32

She-Hulk and Jazinda the Skrull

She-Hulk is most likely a character who could appear in the Secret invasion streaming series and that’s because of its connection to the original comic book storyline. she-hulk # 32 is a great number that showcases her significance to history, as well as the inherent humanity of Jennifer.

As part of the original crossover event, She-Hulk ends up dealing with Jazinda, a young Skrull in disguise on Earth. She-Hulk knows Jazinda is a good person and struggles to protect her as much as she struggles to stop Skrull’s overwhelming invasion of Earth.

She-Hulk # 34

She-Hulk and the Lady Liberators in Marvel Comics

The Lady Liberators was Marvel Comics ‘first attempt in the’ 70s to form an all-female superhero team. In she-hulk # 34, a new iteration of the team takes shape in a fun number that reunites She-Hulk with old friends like Thundra and the Invisible Woman. It’s a fun glitch that shows how She-Hulk works very well with other characters, and is also potentially a glimpse of an MCU team.

This issue, written by Peter David, brings the new team together in the fictional land of Marinmer as Jennifer works hard to stop a humanitarian crisis. Some version of the Lady Liberators or A-Force is likely to appear in the MCU, and this list is a potential place to start.

Hulk # 7

She-Hulk Titania and Valkyire reunite in Marvel Comics.

Pontoon # 7 is a great deal of trouble as it reunites her with two old friends as they take on a dangerous new foe. In the second half of this issue, She-Hulk teams up with Thundra and Valkyrie, both of the most powerful members of The Defenders, to hunt down the Red Hulk.

It has a lot of the classic humor of the She-Hulk stories, with Jennifer unable to bring some of her former allies from the Avengers and Fantastic Four into battle. The problem ends with an epic fight atop Mount Rushmore, with the mighty Red Hulk capturing She-Hulk as a prisoner.

She-Hulk # 7

She-Hulk goes to court in Marvel Comics.

she-hulk # 7 is the first part of the Universal cases screenplay written by Dan Slott and drawn by Juan Bobillo and is a prime example of Jennifer Walters as a lawyer in the unusual superhero arena. In this issue, Jennifer is set to serve as a defense attorney and guardian in some respects to the Southpaw supervillain.

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Its mission is interrupted by the Magistrati, cosmic beings who function as “judges, jurors and advocates of the universe”. They offer Jennifer a place in their order and, like the Time Variance Authority, could potentially appear in the MCU.

Thing & She-Hulk: The Long Night # 1

The Thing and She-Hulk are attacked in Marvel Comics.

Thing & She-Hulk: The Long Night # 1 pairs Jennifer Walters with The Thing, the character she briefly replaced in the Fantastic Four in the 1980s. This 2002 one-shot is a fun story with great art by Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary that pits the two against each other. characters to one of the oldest and most powerful villains of the Fantastic Four, the Dragon Man.

This is a big deal for fans of both characters, who had little interaction during John Byrne’s classic run in the ’80s due to the circumstances. The two powerful heroes work very well together and their humor complements each other as well.

Avengers # 27

She-Hulk joins the Avengers in Marvel Comics.

Avengers Number 27 of the third volume in the series, written by Kurt Busiek and drawn by iconic George Perez, is a key issue in many ways for She-Hulk. The story takes her back to joining the Avengers for the first time in a long time and a recurring role in the comics after some uneven stretching in the ’90s.

She-Hulk joins one of the team’s most powerful roster to ever appear in Marvel Comics, which at the time included Ms. Marvel and the Scarlet Witch. She would remain in the team until its disbandment in the Avengers: Disassembled narrative arc.

WWII Hulk # 2

Hulk fights She-Hulk in the Hulk World War Comics.

World war hulk # 2 features one of the greatest battles in Marvel Comics history, with She-Hulk facing off against her cousin, the Hulk, on her own. It’s an epic battle drawn by legendary comic artist John Romita Jr., and one of the highlights of the early 2000s.

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Jennifer tries to stop Bruce Banner from destroying the world after his return from Sakaar, but despite his strength and willpower, even she is surprised at how fiercely he is towards his old friends and allies in his mistaken belief that they have. killed his wife.

Avengers # 501

She-Hulk goes wild in Marvel Comics.

Avengers # 501 is a key issue in the Avengers: Disassembled storyline, a major comic book event that sees the Scarlet Witch go after her former teammates when she realizes she’s been the victim of a spell to make her forget about her children. This is a big deal for She-Hulk as it’s one of the few times she goes into a full Hulk rage in the comics.

The Scarlet Witch provokes Jennifer into a violent rampage, tearing up New York. His teammates barely manage to stop him. This inspired comic book story WandaVision to some extent, and may also inform She-Hulk’s future role in the MCU.

She-Hulk # 2

She-Hulk tries to tell Hawkeye that he will die in the future in Marvel Comics.

Perhaps the best 2000s comic book act for She-Hulk makes the most inventive use of her skills as a lawyer. She is drafted into the service for a trial by the Time Variance Authority, and there she meets a variant of Hawkeye who does not yet know he’s dead.

This issue also sets up potential MCU developments as she struggles to explain to Clint Barton that he will die in her future during the Avengers: Disassembled scenario. While details may vary in the MCU, it’s likely that Jennifer will cross paths with VAT at some point.

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