10 Best Moon Knight Comic Characters Who Aren’t In The MCU

WARNING: Spoilers for Moon Knight.

moon knight is still early in its run on Disney+, but the series has already introduced a number of major characters from Moon Knight comic book lore like Khonshu and Ammit. Although it’s early days, there are a number of major comic book characters who have yet to appear in the MCU and aren’t appearing as if they might, at least in the immediate future of series.

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Major Moon Knight comic book characters not yet in the MCU include major villains like Shadow Knight and Moon Shade. They also include critical allies who help Moon Knight in the comics. One of them, Frenchie DuChamp, has been teased in the MCU but other major associates remain. One of Moon Knight’s most important personalities also remains missing, at least for now.


shadow knight

Shadow Knight attacks in Marvel Comics.

Shadow Knight is one of the most powerful villains in Moon Knight lore and a key figure absent from the MCU. Randall Spector is Marc Spector’s brother and a former ally who has become one of his most dangerous and bitter enemies.

Although it’s early days, it’s likely that he will and may even appear in the series. The show has hinted at a third personality for Moon Knight, but that might actually be a separate person, possibly his brother Randall who secretly helps him.

dark spectrum

Black Specter attacks in the Moon Knight comics.

Black Specter has been one of Moon Knight’s main villains since its first solo title, first appearing in moon knight #25. This armored figure is a dark inversion of Moon Knight who took inspiration from Marc Spector, making him a major character absent from the MCU.

Black Specter could be a potential villain in the MCU at some point, especially as he connects with other Moon Knight characters. He teamed up with Mephisto and Bushman to resurrect Seth, a major Egyptian deity and villain in Marvel Comics.

The shadow cabinet

The Shadow Cabinet Assembles in Marvel Comics.

The Shadow Cabinet is a major group of supporting players from the Moon Knight comics who provide material and logistical support to Marc Spector, making them key Moon Knight-related characters who have yet to appear in the MCU.

They are made up of a cast of characters including informants from around the world that Moon Knight relies on for information and insight into the operations and movements of international criminals and villains.

White Dragon

White Tiger aims for a pair of guns in Marvel Comics.

Moon Knight has faced many powerful villains in Marvel Comics and one of the first he faced was White Dragon. White Dragon is an expert martial artist rooted in the criminal underworld of the Marvel Universe to which Moon Knight is closely tied.

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Moon Knight has teamed up with Spider-Man to The Marvel Team #144 to take on White Dragon, an early and significant adversary who has yet to appear in the MCU, but perhaps other characters like Daredevil and Kingpin are emerging now.

The sun King

Marvel Sun King

The Sun King was the subject of much speculation prior to the series, possibly as the main villain. That didn’t happen, leaving the Sun King one of the biggest Moon Knight characters not yet in the MCU. This powerful figure first appeared in 2017, during Jeff Lemire’s title run.

The Sun King first appears as Patient 88 at the same mental health facility as Marc Spector, but is revealed to be a powerful villain who derives his immense pyrokinetic powers from the Egyptian god Amon Ra.

Seth the Immortal

Seth attacks in Marvel Comics.

The third episode of Moon Knight introduced five of the nine members of the Ennead, the Egyptian pantheon of deities. A notable figure absent from this gathering was Seth the Immortal, one of the most powerful members of the Gods of Heliopolis in Marvel Comics.

Seth is an antagonist in the comics who challenges other gods and in a fantasy story beginning in Thor #239 which introduces the pantheon to a large extent, attempts to destroy his entire family in an effort to rule alone.

moon shadow

Moon Knight battles Moon Shade in Marvel Comics.

Moon Shade is one of the most powerful versions of Moon Knight in the comics and one of the character’s strongest villains, making him a major character not yet in the MCU. He probably is at some point, especially with the multiverse playing such a huge part in the franchise.

Moon Shade was created by Magus, the alternate evil version of Adam Warlock, and crossed the multiverse by consuming the life force of other Moon Knight variants in Marc Spector, Knight of the Moon #42, a key number from the early 90s.

The committee

The Committee plots against Moon Knight in Marvel Comics.

The Committee played a major role in Moon Knight’s early career in Marvel Comics. This shadowy organization manipulated Moon Knight into attacking Werewolf By Night in that first comic book appearance as well as Spider-Man soon after.

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Their absence from the MCU is notable, but they could emerge as the series progresses. With Werewolf By Night coming to the MCU in the Marvel Studios Halloween Special, it’s possible this cabal will show up as villains in the MCU. They can even involve mystery characters already active in live action, like The Contessa.

Jake Lockley

Moon Knight personalities come together in Marvel Comics.

In the comics, Moon Knight has many different personalities. One of Moon Knight’s most important and powerful personalities is Jake Lockley, who in the Marvel Universe is a taxi driver with his finger on the pulse of the criminal underworld.

Lockley cultivated a network of informants who provided Moon Knight with intelligence he could act on against criminal enterprises and supervillains. There are hints that Lockely is one of Moon Knight’s personalities in the MCU, but he hasn’t appeared.

Marlene Alraune

Marlene Alraune speaks with Moon Knight in Marvel Comics.

Marlene Alraune is perhaps the biggest supporting character in the Moon Knight mythos that doesn’t seem to be coming to the MCU. She is Marc Spector’s comic book love interest and a major player in his life dating back to his origins.

While she doesn’t appear to be on the horizon in the MCU, a version of her may already be in the moon knight series. The character of Layla has some biographical elements of Marlene, in particular being an archaeologist whose father was killed in tragic circumstances.

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