10 Best Marvel Comics That Went Under The Radar In 2021

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has ensured that Marvel heroes will be a household name for the next decade at least. But the world of Marvel Comics is a little different. There, the same heroes that are popular now are the same heroes that have always been popular: Spider-Man and the X-Men, and maybe the Avengers.

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While the X-Men are more interesting than they have been in decades, that doesn’t mean Marvel’s Merry Mutants were the only ones with good comics last year. Typically, fans only follow the characters they’re most interested in, but that can lead them to skip over great books that deserve their love.

ten Black Cat Was A Fantasy Heist Book Starring Marvel’s Legendary Burglar Cat

Jed MacKay and CF Villa Black cat starred one of Marvel’s most beloved cat burglars. Felicia Hardy has spent most of the year getting into her habit of robbing everyone in the Marvel Universe, but on a much bigger scale than usual.

This time his goal was to take the Infinity Gems. Although it got her the attention of everyone she wanted to avoid, it made for one of the best reads of the year. It also allowed fans to team up Black Cat and Mary Jane this year, it’s a classic.

9 The Marvels Pits Marvel Heroes Against an Ancient Magical Menace

The Wonders 1 by Alex Ross

Kurt Busiek and Yildiray Cinar have a comic that’s great reading for everyone, but especially appealing to Marvel super-nerds. The story goes that the Marvel heroes are working together to stop a strange new threat that has appeared in the land of Siancong. But because it’s by Busiek, there are also plenty of regular people watching the heroes operate.

Their ordinary perspective helps remind readers just how amazing heroes who are willing to risk their lives against impossible odds truly are.

8 Silk presents the hero who faces his worst enemy: technology

Takeshi Miyazawa and Maurene Goo’s miniseries Silk is giving fans a much-needed break from being Parker, all the while. They return to Cindy Moon, who got a good job working for J. Jonah Jameson while pursuing a case involving dead gang members.

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The book continues to develop Silk as a character who is still learning to adapt to a more technologically advanced world than the one she left, even pitting her against a villain who runs a tech company. But ultimately, it’s rather one of the best characters of Spider-Man. What’s not to like?

7 Avengers Mech-Strike gives fans the Hulk in a giant robot

Kang Avengers Mech Punch Blanket

Carlos Magno and Jed MacKay launched a miniseries in February for mecha fans around the world. The Avengers are faced with an endless series of giant monsters capable of absorbing any energy that hits them. Left with no choice but to grow in size to keep up with these monsters, Tony Stark and T’Challa create giant robots for the Avengers to pilot.

It’s not a deep story that will change the direction of Marvel Comics, it’s just a fun little piece featuring a villain who will be very important to the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward.

6 Captain Marvel Explores Carol’s Backstory and Maintains Her Status as One of Marvel’s Top Heroes

Captain Marvel has been one of the best titles of recent years. But when a show goes on for so long, people can forget, especially when there’s always something else clamoring for everyone’s attention. Kelly Thompson makes Carol a likable and relatable character despite usually being the strongest person in the room.

2021 has seen major scenarios like The Last of the Wonderswhere all of Carol and her friends faced the greatest threat Carol had ever faced.

5 Avengers: Tech-On Pits Avengers Against Red Skull In Special Armors

captain america avengers technology on

So, not all comics are written to be a major story in a character’s canon. Avengers Tech-On was produced purely to sell toys that Japan’s Bandai Namco is working on…but that doesn’t stop it from being a fun read.

The Red Skull gains the power of infinite dust and makes no one on Earth have superpowers. Tony Stark is ahead of the game, creating special armor for heroes to wear and fight against their enemies. Jim Zub and Jeff “Chamba” Cruz have created an Avengers book for Super Sentai fans around the world.

4 Captain America/Iron Man is a great team with top Marvel heroes

At Derek Landry and Angel Unzueta Captain America/Iron Man comic book is for all Marvel Comics super-fans. It’s filled with shoutouts to Marvel’s older eras, from the classic Silver and Bronze Age to the Civil War era. But it’s not just about old references, it’s about the relationship between Steve and Tony.

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Rather than being dragged down by the antagonism that has plagued them for years, it’s about being best friends with years of history. It confronts some of their worst times and sees them being there for each other while working to save the planet from a new threat.

3 Thor & Loki: Double Trouble is a hilarious comic for all ages

Gurihiru and Mariko Tamaki have teamed up to create one of the funniest books of the year in Thor and Loki: Double Trouble. It’s a pretty simple premise – what if Loki was more focused on wrongdoing than wrongdoing, what if Thor was himbo enough to fall for it?

Loki’s machinations lead them to steal items from their father’s safe, find themselves sent to other worlds, and more. It’s the kind of side story every Loki fan has thought of at least once, and Gurihiru and Tamaki bring it to hilarious life in a way only they can.

2 Defenders Features Marvel’s Weirdest Team To Buy Time

Doctor Strange Masked Raider Defenders

Javier Rodriguez and Al Ewing reassemble the Defenders for another mission. This time it’s about preventing the very fabric of time from being permanently altered. A collection of Defenders are sent through time to past universes, encountering enemies and making allies that are familiar but unlike anything fans have ever seen before.

Although it is a mini-series, Defenders is exactly the kind of high-level comic book superheroes are made for, and no one does it better than Ewing.

1 Guardians of the Galaxy Showcases a New Look for Marvel’s Best Space Team

Nova leads the Guardians of the Galaxy

Al Ewing and Juan Frigeri guardians of the galaxy is the best team-up comic released in 2021. No matter what anyone might want from a superhero team-up book, they managed to deliver. Romance? To verify. Powerful villains who turn the universe upside down? Check and check. And make the heroes look cool as they kick ass all over the galaxy? Triple check.

Guardians does all of this without losing his heart – it’s a team that’s been together so long they’re a family, and Ewing never forgets that for a moment.

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