10 Best Cyberpunk Comics By DC

Cyberpunk was once a niche genre rarely seen except for occasional films such as blade runner. Now, cyberpunk is not just a genre but an aesthetic that people love as it tries to ground its science fiction in a way that’s a bit more plausible. As a result, even companies such as DC have embraced cyberpunk with a variety of their comic book lines.

Different DC books have either shown glimpses of the future in comics such as batman beyond or produces entire cyberpunk events like the recent future state that pushed new and classic DC heroes into the future. Adding superheroes to a cyberpunk environment not only produces unique visuals, but also stories that keep things fresh and challenge the status quo.


Batman Beyond 2.0: Mark of Fantasy (2015)

Batman Beyond fights the new Phantasm in Batman Beyond 2.0 Mark Of The Phantasm

More than twenty years after the original film, batman beyond comics revisited Batman: The Mask of Fantasy. Considering the animated movie has become a fan favorite over the years, fans relished the return of the Phantasm with Terry McGinnis facing off against the villain.

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It’s a concept the show has used often: taking an old villain from Bruce Wayne’s past and bringing him to the cyberpunk version of Gotham City. It retains the film’s dark mystery elements while offering some unique twists to keep things interesting, using its setting quite well.

Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013)

Superman holding Batman's cowl while surrounded by his Regime soldiers in Injustice Gods Among Us

With the death of Lois Lane and her unborn child, Superman becomes a tyrannical dictator who takes over planet Earth. As a result, cities such as New Metropolis and Gotham are advancing quite quickly due to the technology available to the corrupt Justice League.

Despite its progress, Injustice the comics have one of the darkest depictions of a cyberpunk future with Superman’s regime keeping the human race under martial law. This is where Batman’s Insurgency comes in, battling the evil version of Superman.

Future State: Justice League (2021)

The New Justice League crosses the multiverse in Future State Justice League #2

With the future state event, fans were given a whole new vision for the future of the DC Universe following the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal. This future even featured an all-new version of the Justice League that included Timothy Fox’s Batman, Jon Kent as the second Superman, Yara Flor’s Wonder Woman, and various other new incarnations of DC’s iconic superheroes.

This sleek, cyberpunk new future of the DC world is one of the key things that makes Future State so appealing. It is reminiscent of other futuristic depictions seen in The fifth Element mixed with the aptly titled Cyberpunk 2077. Of course, the new heroes are important and fortunately they are not just clones of their predecessors, but characters in their own right who can stand on their own.

Future State: Harley Quinn (2021)

The story of Harley Quinn in the future state event really puts the “punk” in cyberpunk. When the Magistrate takes over Gotham City, Harley becomes an asset to the paramilitary force. She uses her skills as a psychologist to provide the Magistrate with everything he needs to track down Gotham’s various villains.

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Of all the cities of future state event, the future Gotham is at its most cyberpunk, and its characters reflect that. Harley Quinn’s new design looks straight out of the Cyberpunk 2077 The video game and artwork by Simone Dimeo nails the aesthetic of this world, showing Gotham’s gritty underbelly in a new light.

The End of the Future (2014)

End of futures contracts

Embrace the dark futures seen in films such as The Terminator; The end of the future was one of the most memorable events of the New 52 era due to its dark storytelling mixed with epic action. The artificial intelligence known as Brother Eye had taken over the world with his robotic army, and Batman Beyond travels back in time to try to prevent that future.

Although the story is mostly set in the past, The end of the future doesn’t hold back when it comes to sequences set in the future of Brother Eye. The Terminator the influence is very present, but there are also elements of blade runnerone of the pioneers of the cyberpunk genre.

Future State: Eternal Robin (2021)

Tim Drake as Robin Drenched in Lazarus Resin in Robin Eternal #1

Over the years, DC seemed to forget about Tim Drake, aka The Third Robin, but future state allowed the Boy Wonder to shine again with Eternal Robin. It’s a small but interesting glimpse into the life of Tim Drake as he fends off Gotham City’s magistrate while allying with Spoiler, AKA Stephanie Brown.

Similar to the story of Harley Quinn, Eternal Robin showcases the beauty and ugliness of this future cyberpunk. The city itself is bright, vibrant, and filled with neon while Gotham’s backstreets and seedy underbelly are grimy but are mixed with lots of color, making it a place someone would love and dread to live in.

Legion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of Tomorrow (1999)

Legion group photo in Legion Of Super-Heroes The Beginning Of Tomorrow

In 1999, Mark Waid restarted The Legion of Super-Heroes with a new origin told with The start of tomorrow. It shows how Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, and Live Wire formed the Legion, a superhero team that protects the united planets of the 31st century.

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It’s with The start of tomorrow that Mark Waid and various artists give readers one of the best insights into the 31st century. The technologically advanced cities are breathtaking to watch and show how superhero-infused cyberpunk could evolve over the next thousand years.

The Legion: Foundations (2004)

Superboy with the Legion of Super-Heroes on the command bridge in The Legion Foundations

A young Clark Kent, aka Superboy, is brought to the 31st century where he teams up with the Legion of Super-Heroes to battle Darkseid. It’s a very simple and familiar premise which is similar to the anime series based on Legion of Super-Heroes.

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning not only understand these characters, but properly use Superboy as a tool to help newcomers get to grips with the Legion. It’s also through Superboy’s eyes that readers can see the stark contrast between the already fantastical yet contemporary metropolis of the 21st century and the cyberpunk galaxy of the 31st.

Batman beyond neo year (2022)

Terry McGinnis as Batman flying through Gotham in Batman Beyond: Neo Year

Batman Beyond made its biggest comeback in 2022 with Neo Year, a story meant to revamp Batman’s future history for longtime fans and new ones alike. Bruce Wayne died in this story, so the quest to protect the cyberpunk version of Gotham falls entirely on Terry McGinnis.

With the writing talents of Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, who previously worked on Green Arrow, Grayson and Black Nights: Metaland the artistry of Max Dunbar, Batman Beyond: Neo Year is exactly what the cult franchise needed.

Future State: Gotham (2021)

The Bat-Family reunited on a rooftop in Future State Gotham

One of the many reasons cyberpunk works so well is the use of dynamic colors and environments. Future State: Gotham makes the bold choice to tell a cyberpunk story entirely in black and white. The story centers on Jason Todd in his eternal struggle between hero and villain as he is hired by the Magistrate to hunt the Bat-Family.

There are many similarities to another famous cyberpunk comic: Judge Drdd, which was also monochromatic. It’s as much a character piece for Jason Todd as it is a dark glimpse into Gotham City’s dystopian future and although it’s black and white, Giannis Milonogiannis’ artwork is quite detailed and allows the reader to use your imagination for colors.

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