10 best characters that aren’t in the comics, ranked

AMC’s feeling of fear The walking dead started life on the comics page in 2003. Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard created a multimedia monster. Their character designs have become some of the most recognizable in all of pop culture.

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The likes of Rick, Glenn, Maggie, and Negan all started in Kirkman’s comics. The TV adaptation of The walking dead threw its fair share of classic characters into the mix. Not all of them resonated with fans, but some of them were monumental successes, even going so far as to challenge Officer Friendly for his title of The walking deadthe most iconic survivor.

ten With some terrifying appearances, the Pope has established himself as a big bad guy

The Pope and his band of masked men burst in The walking dead scene at the end of Season 10. While fans should wait awhile to meet the frontman of The Reapers, he sure cut an intimidating presence once they did.

He may not have had as much of an impact as the others Walking Dead big bad guys, and he no doubt suffered from a tendency to commit acts too familiar to those seen by the old bad guys. But Ritchie Coster’s psychotic soldier played his part in creating some of the Walking Dead’most exciting scenes of recent years.

9 The Walking Dead abandons Douglas for Deanna with great results

Alexandria frontman Douglas Monroe of the Robert Kirkman comic book was never a part of AMC’s scary franchise. Instead of, The walking dead Fans received Deanna Monroe, hosted by the talented Tovah Feldshuh.

Feldshuh highlighted the skills that made her a Broadway star for over 4 decades during her time on The walking dead. It may not have lasted as long as any of the Walking Deadmore resilient characters, but she had an undeniably positive effect on the quality of every episode she appeared in.

8 Beth held her own among the established members of the Greene family

The Walking Dead TV Daryl and Beth

Hershel had a whole slew of kids in the comics, but none of them were named Beth. Emily Kinney’s Resilient Survivor was an entirely unique creation on the TV show. Among her touching songs and Moonshine missions, Beth has become an important and beloved presence on The walking dead.

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His maddening death canceled part of that. Thinking back to previous seasons of Walking Dead, it’s clear that Hershel’s daughter brought an undeniably endearing and innocent quality to a series filled with such murder and mayhem.

seven T-Dog was not a major player, but his heroic actions are still felt today.


IronE Singleton has probably never had the chance to develop his Walking Dead persona into something really special. Affectionately remembered by fans for his sacrifice in keeping the iconic and invincible Carol Peletier alive, T-Dog was a daring and courageous survivor from his first moments onscreen.

T-Dog returned to save Merle even after being racially abused by him. Despite his death in season 3, Theodore Douglas remains an important part of Walking Dead.

6 From love interest to Walking Dead Big Bad, Leah quickly made her mark

Starting with the Season 11 midseason finale, Leah turned on Daryl and most likely killed some of her friends. Initially, Leah started The walking dead as one of the most anticipated and requested characters of all – the love interest of Norman Reedus’ beloved biker, Daryl Dixon.

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Leah’s relationship with Daryl, her affiliation with The Reapers, and her turn against Pope made her a fascinating and unique addition. And of course, fans thank her for the emergence of another much more lovable character.

5 In a world overrun by the dead, anyone could use a best friend like a dog

Embodying all of his owner’s noble traits, Dog is loyal, fierce, and courageous. Dog is The Walking Dead most heartwarming hero. The fearless four-legged fighter has kept Daryl alive on more than one occasion, proving himself a precious companion in a world ruled by wanderers.

Norman Reedus campaigned for his character to have a pet, and he made his wish come true. A few seasons later, fans are liking that he did. Dog might just be the only character nicer than Daryl Dixon himself.

4 AMC’s show improved baby Judith from the comics

While Judith Grimes is technically from the comics, she passed away as a helpless baby. This has left AMC with most of the credit when it comes to the fantasy character under the Grimes Stetson family.

Of course, a good chunk of the applause has to go to Cailey Fleming. The young actress gave Rick’s adopted daughter an endearing bravery that is impossible to ignore. Like The walking dead is set to continue after the original series ends, it won’t be surprising to see Judith take on the living dead in the years to come.

3 Sasha has become much more than just a sister to an iconic comic book character

Tyreese may not have lived up to its comic book counterpart. One thing that AMC has done better than the character is to give him a sister, Sasha. Sonequa Martin-Green wasted no time in becoming a fan favorite on Walking Dead. By the time of Sasha’s ultimately heroic death, she had far surpassed Chad Coleman’s accomplishments as Tyreese.

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Sasha played her part in several screenplays on The walking dead, and she did it while improving the characters around her – especially Bob, Rosita, and Abraham.

2 Michael Rooker as Merle is Hollywood highlight of early seasons

From racist redneck to reluctant hero, Big Brother Dixon has one of the The Walking Dead most fascinating character arcs. Michael Rooker has added another iconic character to his catalog with his stunning performances as Merle. He also gave The walking dead a real star power in his first seasons.

The team behind The walking dead created some terrific characters for their successful horror adaptation. Few are as fleshed out, captivating, or downright watchable as Merle Dixon. The One-armed Warrior is only eclipsed by one character on the TV show.

1 Daryl Dixon arguably surpassed even Kirkman’s greatest comic book characters

Norman Reddus Daryl Dixon first appeared in The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus’ crossbow king is arguably The Walking Dead most popular character, no matter where he is from. Outside of Rick Grimes, no character has reached the heroic heights of Daryl Dixon. From his desperate and selfless search for Sophia to his formidable confrontation with Beta, Daryl has shown no hesitation in putting others before him.

Despite his previous successes in Hollywood, Norman Reedus has never been as popular as he is today. Daryl Dixon is the reason, and after 10 and a half seasons fans are far from ready to say goodbye to his badass biker.

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