10 Best Catwoman Comics, Ranked

With her recent appearance in the DC Films movie, The Batman, Catwoman (whose real name is Selina Kyle) is one of the most talked about DC characters right now. With actress Zoey Kravitz making her debut in the role, this modern adaptation of Catwoman will no doubt attract a whole new set of Catwoman fans. With her long history as Batman’s adversary and ally, Catwoman has established herself as a top comic book character who always demands attention.

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Although Catwoman debuted as Batman’s villain, her character has become his occasional ally, romantic interest, and more.

ten Modern concepts for Catwoman began in the shadow of the cat

From Batman #308, Selina Kyle contemplates quitting her past criminal career after being released from prison and rekindling her romantic relationship with Bruce Wayne. After Catwoman is framed for a series of thefts, her and Bruce’s confidence is tested. This book is significant, not only because it featured Catwoman approaching anti-hero territory, which certainly applies to her modern persona, but also because it featured the first multi-issue romantic storyline between her and Batman. In many ways, The shadow of the cat This was the first time Catwoman was treated as more than a surface-level villain.

9 Bruce and Selina got married in Bruce Wayne’s autobiography

batman catwoman

Located on Earth-2, The brave and the daring #197 tells the story of how Earth-2’s Batman and Catwoman revealed their true identities to each other and began a life together. Told through flashbacks set in 1955, Batman looks back on a traumatic event that revealed personal feelings of self-doubt. This leads him to seek Selina’s help as she turns out to be the only one able to relate to him.

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Shortly after, Batman tells Selina about her parents’ fate, prompting her to open up and reveal that she has been a victim of domestic violence before. To help Batman overcome his emotions, Catwoman takes off her mask and insists that Batman do the same.

8 Catwoman was an integral part of Batman’s first year


The 1987 classic from comic book legend Frank Miller, Batman: Year One is a comic that many readers consider one of the greatest origin stories in Batman history. Describing his first year on the street, Batman: Year One features a twenty-six-year-old Batman having his first encounters with well-known characters like James Gordon, Carmine Falcone, and of course Catwoman. In this dark and honest origin tale, Selina Kyle is a former prostitute turned thief who, through her love for cats, creates the Catwoman identity. Zoe Kravitz, the actress playing Selina Kyle in the new Batman movie, informed the Happy Sad Confused podcast she read Batman: Year One in preparation for the role of Catwoman.

7 Catwoman introduced herself to Batman in Batman Annual 2


From the earliest days of the Batman era, Batman Annual #2 focuses on how Bruce and Selina first met, including how their early rivalry evolved into a romance and then a feud that lasted the rest of their lives. The book itself does a great job of encapsulating the complex dynamic between Bruce and Selina, like how they constantly fight to be with each other despite their often-at-a-glance moral compasses.

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The story is moving from start to finish and is undoubtedly an important high point in Tom King’s run on Batman.

6 Catwoman followed her parents to Rome


Written and drawn by the all-star creative team at Loeb and Sale, Catwoman: When in Rome, is essential reading for all Catwoman fans. Located during the events of Batman: Dark Victory, another Loeb and Sale classic, the story features Selina on a trip to Rome alongside her friend, Edward Nygma, aka The Riddler. Set to meet a local mob boss named Don Verinni, who later dies before her eyes after apparently succumbing to Joker’s venom, Catwoman is on a mission to find information about her long-lost parents, whom she believes to be the crime lord Carmine Falcone and his wife.

5 Catwoman returned to Gotham only takes one night


Offering an in-depth exploration of the relationship between Catwoman and Batman, catwoman Vol 3 #32 wonders if Batman and Catwoman are really meant to be together. After returning to Gotham from an adventure in Egypt, Batman tells Catwoman that he’s spent the last month battling thugs looking for her.

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Tired of wearing a mask, Selina asks Batman out on a date, which he accepts. This comic offers a great unique story about one of DC’s greatest romantic relationships and is a must read for any Catwoman fan.

4 Catwoman paid the price in relentless


In this five-issue storyline, Selina learns first-hand the consequences of becoming an anti-hero as Black Mask and other members of the underworld plot for revenge. In catwoman Volume 3 numbers 12 to 19, Tirelessly put Selina to the test as Black Mask targeted several people close to her. As one of the most intense Catwoman storylines in recent history, this arc does a lot of work for Selina as a character. This again proves what an ever-evolving character she is, always evolving into something more meaningful.

3 Selina visited the DC Universe in Wild Ride


In this five-part storyline, which begins with a training session from none other than Wildcat himself, Selina travels to Keystone City and pulls off a successful robbery at the Flash Museum with Captain Cold (which later leads to a confrontation at Opal City). taking place in catwoman Vol 3 numbers 20 to 24, wild ride follows the events of Tirelesslywhere Selina decides to evacuate her close friend Holly from Gotham to protect her.

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Like the rest of Ed Brubaker’s run catwoman Vol 3, this story is a must read for all Catwoman fans.

2 Selina ditched the catsuit in Selina’s big score

Selina Kyle

Featuring the writing and art of legendary Batman writer Darwyn Cooke, Catwoman: Selina’s big score is a drama-filled adventure where Catwoman is constantly chasing the next big job. Assumed dead, Selina assembles a team to join her on a mission to rob a train full of unmarked money which she will later use to reintegrate into society. Rather than following the traditional pattern of a noir-style story with Selina ushering in her classic Catwoman costume, Cooke establishes Selina as a femme fatale-type antihero, a role that has since been incorporated into modern Catwoman stories.

1 Catwoman Anodyne


In the first four issues of Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman- a run that many fans consider the character’s best – Selina remembers how she was and how she cared for others. After being reminded by Batman that she is indeed a good person at heart, Selina and her friend Holly Robinson investigate a case of murdering prostitutes. After the police apparently have no interest in helping her, Selina takes it upon herself as Catwoman to protect the prostitutes from the killer.

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