10 best accurate comic book costumes, ranked

The mysterious Spider-Man: No Path Home is set to feature many updated looks for many iconic characters from all 3 generations of the Spidey movies. Not only are memorable villains like Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus set to return, but Tom Holland Spider-Man is set to earn a new costume or two in this upcoming image.

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The costume of these characters is an essential part of bringing these characters to the big screen. Coming from the comics, many of these characters have iconic looks that audiences have learned to associate with them. When the costume department creates a costume that honors its source material, fans see it as a satisfying moment for the character; a reference to their original medium. The comic book accurate costumes are quite a fan favorite, and there have been plenty of them over the years.

ten Scott Pilgrim (Scott Pilgrim vs. the world)

Split image showing Scott Pilgrim in the comics and film

Scott Pilgrim vs the world is a film that honors its raw material. The titular protagonist Scott Pilgrim wears his big coat, orange t-shirt, graphic novel outfit, bracelets and battered sneakers.

The entire film has many references to the original graphic novels such as Monomania or shot for recreation of shooting panels. A lot of the costumes can be seen in both mediums, it’s no surprise that this outfit is pretty accurate. But this costume is also present on the many versions of the cover of The Flight. 1; which quite possibly makes it Scott Pilgrim’s definitive look.

9 Steve Rogers’ USO Suit (Captain America: The First Avenger)

Split image showing Captain America in the comics and on stage in the first film

The USO suit that Steve Rogers wore in Captain America: The First Avenger, although specially designed for his stage performances, bears a striking resemblance to the costume featured in his comic book debut in 1941.

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The costume serves as a tribute to the character’s roots. It looks cheap and made from soft spandex, similar to art found in comics; but that wouldn’t serve much protection in active combat. Rogers abandons it for a more militarized combat suit, but it retains the patriotic aesthetic.


8 Batman (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice)

Split image showing Batman and Robin in The Dark Knight Returns and Batman in Batman V. Superman

Ben Affleck’s Batman debuted in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice; depicted as an older Batman with a predominantly gray costume with a black bat on his chest. This version of the character shares similarities with the comic book The Dark Knight Returns, from the costume to an older Bruce Wayne.

Zack Snyder’s DCEU films are known for their more grounded take on iconic DC heroes. The Batman found in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns is a gritty Batman set in a gritty world, a home character archetype with Snyder’s tone of storytelling. Affleck himself also matches the build and age of this version of the character.

7 US Agent John Walker (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)

Split image showing USA Agent in comics and in TFATWS

John Walker spends most of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as the current Captain America, but during his last appearance on the series, he earns his American Agent costume. While its chrome shield may be missing, the suit itself features the now classic black suit with red and white horizontal stripes.

As previously reported, Walker spends most of the time in his cap outfit, which, while not comedic (he just wore a Rogers suit), sports a design with red stripes across the chest and a star to the right of Her chest. From his first appearance in the series, the Captain America costume teased his future as an American agent, making his eventual debut in the role all the more satisfying.

6 Sandman (Spider-Man 3)

Split image showing Sandman in the Spider-Man 3 comics and movie

Sandman’s first live-action debut has arrived Spider-Man 3, where he wore the classic green striped t-shirt and had his visually awesome sand powers. Not only was he wearing his iconic comic book costume, his sand manipulation is portrayed with incredible special effects that still stand to this day.

Rami, throughout his trilogy, used many villains from Spider-Man’s early days such as Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus, but their movie costumes strayed from the original comics. Sandman is a special case, in which the costume is a 1 to 1 replica of the comic book.

5 Wanda Maximoff (WandaVision)

Split image showing the Scarlet Witch in the comics and the WandaVision show

The Halloween episode of WandaVision sees Wanda Maximoff wearing a red bodysuit and gloves with pink tights as a Halloween costume. With the helmet, the outfit looks like his first outfit from 1964. The material has little detail or texture, as did the artistic style of the time.

Later in the series, Wanda officially becomes the Scarlet Witch; the highlight of its history in the MCU so far. This costume serves as a nod to its comedic origins while also hinting at its power-up. Being such a significant moment for the character, the tribute to her roots as the Scarlet Witch comic book is the first step in the MCU’s mutant history.

4 Barry Allen (The Flash)

Split Image Showing The Flash In The Comics And The Show

Flash wins a new costume for its 8th season, sporting a red cloth-like fabric with gold treatment lines similar to that of season 7. But this costume gains a long-awaited addition by fans: the gold boots.

Throughout The Flash’s many seasons, the costume has evolved with each iteration; becoming more and more like the comic book costume. From brown leather to red spandex, all that was missing was the golden boots. During DC FanDome 2020, showrunner Eric Wallace commented on the future (then) inclusion of the boots, stating “They must be earned.” There you have it, come season 8, the 5-part Armageddon event will see the Flash with the new boots, and fans are waiting to see how he earns the iconic shoes.

3 Superman (Crisis on Infinite Earths)

Split image showing Superman in Kingdom Come and in the Arrowverse's Crisis crossover

The Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths The televised event featured plenty of fan service moments for DC’s many live-action franchises. One of those moments was the appearance of Brandon Routh as Superman wearing the Kingdom Come costume. With its deep blue and red and black crest, it evokes the art of Alex Ross.

The last time Routh portrayed the Man of Steel was in The return of Superman, which is a loose continuation of Christopher Reeves’ version of the character from 1978. Kingdom Come features an old Superman, much like the Routh / Reeves version. The material and design of the suit shares many similarities with the Reeves suit; stating that this is at least a tribute to the long history of this particular iteration of Superman

2 Sam Wilson (The Falcon and The Winter Soldier)

Split image showing Captain America in the comics and in TFATWS

Sam Wilson flies to New York in the final of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with his brand new Captain America costume. The jumpsuit includes the white helmet and red goggles as well as smaller details such as the red gloves and knee pads.

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Since its introduction in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson wore costumes that are quite different from his Falcon costume in the comics. The Falcon costume he wore during the series might have been a sleek red flight costume, but it still looked little like any costume Falcon wore in the comics. But while Sam makes perfect sense as Captain America, it’s fitting that his costume is a true adaptation of the panel to the screen.

1 Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Split image showing Spider-Man in the comics and in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The costume of The Incredible Spider-Man 2 uses vibrant red and blue spandex material with the enlarged white eyes comic book fans have come to expect from the web-slinger. Striking a resemblance to most of Spidey’s artists like Todd McFarlane or John Romita Jr.

The predecessor of this costume, from The Amazing Spider-Man, was not well received by fans, as well as the film itself. Many complained that the costume was too dark and looked rather threatening. Responding to the comments, Spidey dons the shinier new costume for the sequel; one more in line with the iconic Spider-Man look.

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